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Hello! Could you please add my guild to the Horde directory?

Guild Name: Quelalann
Faction: Horde
Description: Quelalann is a Horde-side High Elf roleplaying guild
Races Allowed: High Elf
Leader: Alunasari
Who/How to Contact: Whisper or send in-game mail to Alunasari
Requirements: High Elf, Illidari and Death Knights considered on a case-by-case basis. In-character interview required
Currently Seeking: Horde High Elf roleplayers
Most Active Playtime: 7pm-11pm EST weekdays, 3pm-12am EST weekends
Forum Post: Deleted thread

So sorry I’m way behind on updating this everyone! I’m working on getting everyone’s requests added/edited to the OP now!


I’m still working on getting everyone’s info added, but if you see I’ve added/updated your listing and there’s any errors please do let me know.

I’ve hit the limit for the character count in the original post so I’m going to need to work on trimming/removing outdated info/etc to get all the new posts in so please be patient with me!

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Guild Name: Onyx Talon Caravan
Faction: Horde
Description: A place for the outcasts and mercenaries.
Races Allowed: All (including those maybe not accepted by the Horde)
Leader(s): Captain Shallandris Sunvale
Who/How to Contact: Shallandris, Malanguine or Silvermoons ingame
RP/PVP/PVE?: RP mostly, though we do sometimes actually play the game
Requirements: Just an interview, 18+ and please be lore abiding!
Currently Seeking: All!
Most Active Playtime: 5pm to 3am server
Forum Post: [H] <Onyx Talon Caravan> is recruiting!

No problem, might be worth creating new posts for Horde and Alliance directories, and then keeping your OP for new guild requests to be added. Sounds like a lot of work though but just wanted to throw the idea out there!

Guild Name: The Order of the Lion
Faction: Alliance
Description: General Guild Concept- All play styles and experience levels are welcomed under our banner. While the guild itself is a “casual” atmosphere, you will find members of the guild who participate in all aspects of the game, from PvP, Dungeons and Raids, to Role-play.

Members are not held to commit to any aspect of the game, including role-play. Ultimately, we play WoW to relax, unwind, and have fun. For that reason - drama, rage, and other such undesirable behavior has no place in this guild.

For the purpose of immersion in the World of Warcraft- The Order of the Lion is a semi-secretive organization of heroes from the far corners of Azeroth and beyond. Formed during the Fourth War and sanctioned by the leaders of the Alliance, the Order protects the assets and furthers the interests of the Alliance.

Races Allowed: All
Leader(s): Hellshield
Who/How to Contact: Hellshield - in game message or mail
Requirements: Required to read and agree to the guild charter online (mail or message Hellshield for the link).
Currently Seeking: All
Most Active Playtime: Weeknight and weekends
Forum Post: [A] The Order of the Lion

To be added under RP Events please

Event Name: Dancehall Party
Faction/Neutral: Neutral
Event Hosts: Xepher
Days and Time (Server): Saturday, Sept. 5, 6PM WRA | 8PM MG
Location: Mijus’s Retreat, Zuldazar
SHORT Description: The summer season may be coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean the beach parities have to end! Ready to dance till the sun comes up? Sip on fresh fruit cocktails mixed with quality rum? Devour sweet morsels like coconut drops? Try a cup of sorrel tea? If yes, then do we have a party for you!

LA MASQUERADE events proudly presents a night of Caribbean revelry under the stars. Come celebrate Reggae and Dancehall music with timeless classics and new favorites. The party will go off at Miju’s Retreat, a secluded island of the coast of Zuldazar. So let’s get together and feel alright~

Event Ad Link: [N-RP] ♫ DANCEHALL PARTY ♪ - SEPT. 5!

I’m afraid Kui Zhang is now inactive with no current plans to start back up any time soon. Feel free to delete the old post to trim up on some precious character space!

The guild’s central purpose (providing sanctuary for Pandaren not wanting to get involved in the faction war) was met and, ICly, most have gone off to do their own thing. OOCly, my IRL schedule and circumstances just made it a bit too much to work with. But here’s hoping someone else’ll come and hold the Pandaren RP guild torch for us to flock to in Shadowlands!

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To be added under RP Events please

Event Name: J’ouvert Daybreak
Faction/Neutral: Neutral
Event Hosts: Xepher
Days and Time (Server): Sunday, Oct. 4, 12PM WRA | 2PM MG
Location: Cape of Stranglethorn (49, 12)
SHORT Description: The autumn season is here and that means it’s time to invoke the festive spirit of renewal! Do you like getting messy with colorful paints and powders? Dancing nonstop with the rising sun? How about a party that heralds new beginnings? Caught your attention? Good! Cause J’ouvert (pronounced Jou-vay) is a festival that welcomes the start of Carnival celebrations and you are invited!

LA MASQUERADE events proudly presents a Caribbean daybreakers fete (party) beneath the morning sun! Join us in celebration of J’ouvert with the bombastic sounds of Soca and Calypso music. Come get drenched in water, paint, and powder while jumping and jamming at the Cape of Stranglethorn!

Event Ad Link: [N-RP] ♪ J'ouvert Daybreak ♫ - Oct. 4!

We recently moved the thread and had someone else take over as I’m generally inactive a lot lately, and also to have more room for guild posts! It’s pinned to the top of these forums, I’ll quote your post there for them!

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Thank you! I appreciate that :woman_cartwheeling:t6:

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Guild Name: Violet Vanguard

Description: <Violet Vanguard> (formerly Horde Brothers) is an RP/PVE adventuring guild that focuses on the protection of Azeroth. We offer weekly RP events with multiple DMs, including social and D20 events. We are also recruiting for our AOTC heroic raid team and numerous Keystone Master teams.

Races Allowed: All Horde and Alliance races!

Leader(s): Alth, Lariyasallah, Rosebeth - Moon Guard

Who to Contact: Alth, Lariyasallah, Hic, Rehnie, Narbehke, Vellrea, Vynles, or join our discord linked in our main forum post.

RP/PVP/PVE?: Heavy RP, Heroic Raid, Mythic+, Casual PvP

Requirements: Adherence to the lore of World of Warcraft and a friendly, positive attitude. Our application can be found through our forum post.

Currently Seeking: RP-friendly players and roleplayers.

Most Active Playtime: Events and raid are at 5m server (8pm EST) with activity from midday to late at night throughout the week.

Forum Post: [H/A RP-PVE] Violet Vanguard Recruiting for Dragonflight!

This is neat, I didn’t know this existed. :grinning:

I mean, it’s completely outdated and a lot of information is wrong and a necro, so

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November 2018.


2 years later.

Is there a newer thread?

It’s pinned to the top of these forums


I’M DUMB. ignore this

Guild Name: Tuskarr Fishing Co.

Description: Tuskarr Fishing Co is looking for players who enjoy Good Vibes, Raids, M+, PvP, and RP! We raid Sun at 5pm Server Time! We strive to be a cozy, inviting space for everyone. Send in your application, we’ll keep the soup warm for you!

Races Allowed: All Races Both Factions

Leader(s): Rinnok, Errokk, Marukami

Who to Contact: Rinnok, Errokk, or Marukami!

RP/PVP/PVE?: All of the above!

Requirements: Positive attitude, fairly active, be LGBTQ+ friendly, and good vibes only!

Currently Seeking: Any players with a good vibe and a non-toxic attitude to join us on adventures!

Most Active Playtime: Events are generally posted through our discord, Raid always starts 5 PM server time every Sunday (unless otherwise stated!)