Mythics, Raids, & gear oh my!

Why does it ‘seem’ most people are looking to raid or M+? The game is so much more than that.

Where are the achievement hunters, the completion orientated, the toons with lives outside of the game? The archaeology diggers, and the fishers.

I know you’re there. Are you homeless? Are you independent and don’t need a guild? Are you just not on the wow forums? Is it not worth the investment to find a good match?

Hello? Is it me you’re looking for? I can see it in your eyes…

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Say, say, oh Greymane,
Come out and play with me
And bring toons one or three
Do your thing and be carefree

We are much older
and curse the mythic grind
but we’ll put down our beer
And do the work, since love is blind

We want to grow our home
-focus on people first
bring smiles to your day
then drink and play YEP drink and play.

Collect it, dig it, fish it, build it,
crush it, pvp it, cook it, or just quest it.
find a dingus –game, facebook or discord.
but I’m an introvert, so ping Kiriin one nine four oh
-Kiriin #1940

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Bump for effect.

We are certainly on the lookout for lovers of lore, achievements, professions, and other aspects of WoW that often gets overlooked!

You guys sound exactly like what I’m looking for, but you’re on the “wrong” side. I don’t suppose you have a Horde counterpart, perhaps siblings who chose the other side?

Collecting recipes, toys, fishing, mounts, and pets are my thing. Been playing on and off since Wrath. I don’t raid, dungeon, pvp (but possibly would for collection purposes).

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we do! and a community channel… as I think it might even be quieter than our alliance home. It’s the Dangus Brigade. Kirrin can hook you up, or you could try to catch Sundance online. I wish we had a bigger family in either location. I’d hate to send you over there for crickets. <3

There’s even talk of rolling more horde with 8.2. /grumble. I’ve decided to bite my tongue on that. Thanks for the reply!

edit: add… Yes. I am groaning at the consideration of doing some “islands” for some pet… and running through 1-70 quests again to clear off those achievements and quest markers :frowning: or legion fishing for the pole… I just cant decide.

EDIT Add: apologies to thedariane. I heard your /tell got dropped in the midst of MC coordinating and herding of the cats.