Pet collector looking for guild

Hello All,

I am a pet collector looking for help getting access to 2 guild pets (Deathwatch Hatchling [achievement: Challenge Warlords: Gold - Guild Edition] and Thundering Serpent Hatchling [achievement: Challenge Conquerors: Gold - Guild Edition]). If I join your guild, I would be creating a new character with a Level 110 character boost, so I could hypothetically be on any realm.

I play WoW primarily for the friendships and something to do in my limited down time. Most would not consider me a very active player. I’m never going to be into raiding or PvP, as I don’t play enough to be good at either. WoW is a leisure activity for me, and not one I take very seriously.

With the above said, I hope to make more new friends in WoW, and if your guild has friendly people looking for another friendly (if sometimes inactive) player, I would love to meet. If you think I could fit well in your guild, please reach out to me here. Thank you all, and I wish you a happy and peaceful day.

I see the light at the end of the tunnel, but do not know of those achievement pets. I will have to look them up. I am one of our two pet hunters in our guild - Illustria, and Apolin (www dot warcraftpets dot com). I am trying to catch up to him after a hiatus.

There are enough of us, to do these challenge mode dungeons to unlock. It’s possible they already are! have to go home and look!

Also. We have love for pallies named Kirin :slight_smile:

/hattip Goodluck in your search <3

hm. sadly it appears the panda pet thundering serpent does not appear to be attainable anymore :frowning:

also found this in the comments for the deathwatch hatchling comments (along with a guild listed solely for those interested in the pet.)

A great resource for finding guilds with the achievement who are willing to help collectors is WarcraftPets dot com [Check the forums] for guilds offering to help. While you are there, sign up and use the site to help manage your collection.

yep, i likewise (eventually) discovered the thundering cloud serpent was retired. thank you for checking!
i will sniff around some more and see if i can find a guild who has the deathwatch hatchling.
thank you so much for replying!

Pretty well in the same boat as you, I would love to raid but it doesn’t fit my lifestyle. I have settled on pets, mounts, achievements and 5 man content. If you want to play some with us my battle tag is mantwawn#11102

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dont forget to check those forums on warcraft pets. I think I saw at least one or two guilds with it, that are aware of people just rotating in for the pet and have something set up for it.