Mythic+ Tormented Hero Details

We’ve seen some questions about the Tormented Hero title that was added to Season 2, and we’d like to answer those questions here.

This new title will go to the top 0.1% of player-characters in each faction, ranked by Mythic+ Rating at the end of the season.

  • This was designed to be like the prestigious rank offered in PvP where the top 0.1% of 3v3 Arena players across each region earn a unique title each season (“Unchained Gladiator” for the current season).

Season 2 will end with the maintenance period that includes the Eternity’s End patch. At that time*, the leaderboards will be locked, and a one-week postseason will begin. After we’ve verified the results and removed any players found to have cheated, the top 0.1% of each faction by Rating will receive the Tormented Hero title.

Because each region has different numbers of Mythic+ participants in each faction, the ranking required for the top 0.1% is expected to be significantly different between the factions. To make the faction rankings as fair as possible, we’re setting a faction transfer cutoff date. Any player-character that faction changes on or after January 18, 2022 will be ineligible for the Tormented Hero title, regardless of their Mythic+ rating.

We’ve also received inquiries about the current rankings. We will provide more detailed rating cutoff updates as we get closer to the end of the Season, and the Mythic+ tracker here can be used as a guideline until then.

*Please note that we have not yet announced the Eternity’s End release date.


Do you really want horde to roll alliance that badly?


It’s just a title what is the problem ??? Why you don’t cry at PVP rewards too , do you get Glad every season ?

So M+ players who push high key don’t deserve a title


Yeah, stop awarding Gold Medals to the tiny number of athletes in the world that can achieve the highest standing of ability and fitness in their chosen sport. How dare effort and persistence and drive be rewarded?

What does it matter to anyone who chooses not to make the attempt? Should ability and drive go unrewarded because others can’t or won’t be in it?


Allow cross-faction play already.

cringe forcing your playerbase to do content with a restricted pool of dwindling players.


so true and heroic


Perhaps a feature of Voidlands™


shutup man, m+ deserves some high end rewards and I hate m+ personally.

literally crying over a title like good grief


What are they giving us? Like seriously list the things they give high end players that arnt also for lower level players on a lower difficulty.

I’ll wait.

Oh and thank you kaivax for the info :+1:


is this mike’s idea so he can get the title himself?


‘’ teleportals ‘’

Happy m+ gets a title of sorts. but uh. Cross faction if it wasnt said 1000 times already. Alliance is dead.

No, skilled players deserve things that others don’t. You aren’t entitled to everything in the game just because you log in.

When I stareted the game I was a horrible player, good players made me strive to “git gud”.

Imagine thinking you can’t be a good player and still have a life.

Don’t do the content if you don’t ant it or can’t do it and it’s an issue for you. Also, adding a title isn’t some incredible amount of dev time. lol

Blizzard comes up with a way to get a few more players on Alliance side and players complain about them trying to help a little with the faction imbalance. My lord.


I was going to comment on that whole top 0.1% thing until I read this. I really don’t have an argument against that.


Look who is talking.

Players should be rewarded for their efforts.

Someone else having a title doesn’t affect you.


disappointing announcement , guess recycled content with higher numbers is the definition of fun for blizzard , thus the carrot of a title , whats even the point ? if all your friends quit who are you gonna /flex ( wonder if it got removed as well).
This yet again proofs the desync with the community .


Because the top 0.1% just meta it. There is nothing impressive about seeing the same comp over and over again.

This is why Blizzard devs has been dunked on the last 2 expansions… from aoe cap to nerfing drums to 15% … and the gcd.

Wanna get that title.

Paladin, Shaman, Rogue, Mage and WW monk…


I know a ton of M+ players above 2700, pushing for the title, who stable jobs or go to school. They also balance in Mythic raiding (typically above US 50 ranking).

People grossly over exaggerate how much time is required to do high end content in this game.


Mythic+ has been an overwhelming success with the overall community. I think you’re the one who is out of touch.