Mythic Tindral Adjustments Incoming - February 27

During our next scheduled weekly maintenance, we’ll make the following adjustments:

Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope

  • Tindral Sageswift
    • Tindral’s health reduced by 10% in Mythic difficulty.
    • Fiery Vines’ health reduced by 10% in Mythic difficulty.

Well now might kill it under 400 pulls

Please never do so many full wipe mechanics overlapping one another like that again XD


That seems like a lot. For such a big change, why do this now and not earlier?

They might’ve wanted to see how effective previous nerfs were.

All I’ve heard is that he’s a crazy daunting boss, though. :dracthyr_yay_animated:

HP nerf is very nice.

I thought you guys said you weren’t going to make fights like Anduin anymore? What happened with that?


Sure but did they need until late Feb to get data? I feel like mythic raid should be ready for the average mythic raid group a few weeks into the season if not on release.


The main issue is that he has multiple mechanics where a single mistake by a single person leads to a total instant party wipe.

There’s no recovery possible, it’s brutal because of that.


Mythic is basically trial and error after the RWF is completed in order to achieve a balance for the common player. If they do a lot of those changes before RFW, then people will complain is too easy for that show and some few guilds.

I’d prefer if Devs focus in deliver the fight close to the final version, after all these nerfs.

Lmao I quit this game for near a month and they’re still nerfing this dude?

That doesn’t even begin to describe how bonkers this boss was and is.

The version we have right now is a heavily-nerfed version of that boss that had an instant wipe mechanic outright removed and that version of the fight STILL racks up 400+ pulls for most guilds. My guild got him after 594 pulls; they killed Azshara before I joined and that was an extreme outlier at 515 yet this boss exceeded that and dwarfs all our other kills (Raszageth at 361, Sarkareth at 277, Sylvanas at 300, Sire at 270 or SLG at 275, Jailer at 286, N’zoth at 350).

This boss was a disaster.

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Yeah we are at… let me check… 342 pulls. This nerf brings him definitely within kill range before 400 now I think.

And to think I sometimes feel like I’m missing out by not raiding. :dracthyr_nervous_animated:

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I think this is a good raid overall. Tindral (and Council of Dreams, albeit for completely different reasons) sucks on Mythic specifically.

I think they’ve been checked out working on TWW or SoD and then last week remembered about DF. Explains why they “buffed” the Embers and nerfed Tindral all in the same week, based on feedback for both that has been going for weeks.

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Not anymore.

Pull count is generally a bad way to determine difficulty, especially on a boss like Tindral.
Tindral throws all of his mechanics really early and fast at you, and that takes a while to properly learn and execute, which in turn farms pull counts when you first get to him.

Totally disagree, it’s the penultimate boss on the hardest difficulty.
It should actually be difficult and a challenge to any guild that reaches him.

This nerf is totally unnecessary imo., boss really didn’t need a health nerf.
You skip the hardest part of the fight even now if you play properly, can’t imagine how it will be with a 10% health nerf.

Whatever though, at least reclears will be easier.

The other day I was reading a reddit post from someone who’s guild literally disbanded/fell apart over frustrations progressing this boss :laughing:

According to the post they were like ~750 wipes in when the guild leader suddenly broke down and ragequit and then the guild imploded/disbanded


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It’s one of those boss where one person can keep wiping you, definitely one of the more skilled fight where some guilds have killed him in 300 pulls and some over 600.

I think personally that this kind of fight is interesting to make. Still happy they didn’t nerf him mechanically too much.

Can you tune dh in pvp next? It’s basically a mythic raid boss in arena rn.


It “rips :poop: up” in BGs too, lol

If one team has a couple halfway-decent Demon Hunters (…not even pros, not even the best gear, etc) they just dominate

5.16% wipe last week, and we were just one Root/Fire Beam overlap from a kill.

Now it’s going to die well before that, before the most challenging part of P3. Feels bad to be robbed of a kill accomplishment like that again after Halondrus was nerfed right before we were going to kill it.