Mythic raiding?

Are there any guilds or groups that even do mythic raids on our server(s)? I have never seen one in the LFG finder and I’ve never seen one advertised. I’m 10/10H and it seems like the next content patch will be a few months from now at best. Would be cool to be a part of (or put together) a group to try and work through the first few mythic bosses at least. We can connect on Discord or something if anyone is interested or if there are guilds here that are raiding, please let me know so I can reach out to you all.

Edit: Wow Progress shows 1 alliance guild that has killed a mythic boss, Brotherhood of the North. I will be trying to reach out to them but there have to be more than 20 or so people on this entire server group who want to do mythic raiding, right?