Mythic Plus Question

Is anyone else tired of affixes hard countering their class / spec?

I honestly feel like there isn’t even a point in logging in to pug dungeons on a mage during sanguine. It’s just futile.

Honestly makes me wish they had weekly subs instead of monthly. Like you know what affixes people like (mainly because of the challenge). Sanguine kills literally half of your DPS specs because of abilities YOU designed. Give me my sub money back for sanguine weeks.


Elemental Shaman during sanguine as well… or Necrotic

Nah. I’ve never felt like any of the classes are hard-countered by affixes.

Although I have felt the need to switch talents and tactics to meet the challenges of different weeks.

What levels do you run?

Fire mage’s primary damage comes from stacking flame patches in one spot with combustion up.

During sanguine they generally immediately get moved 1/2 through combustion.

As a boomkin sanguine wasn’t to bad (got KSM this week :smiley: ) but I have typhoon so that helps a ton. Now if we’re talking quaking, that is an affix that can go straight to he…the Maw.

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There are bad weeks and there are good weeks.

This week is considered a good week. Sanguine is easy to dodge. You are not melee. And on grievous, you would just need a good healer and adequate players who doesnt get much damage from the mechanics. First time on the season I made 8x M+15s for the vault, hooray for me.

The last bad week was Spiteful - Necrotic when you have bad melees. My smooth runs during the week was all Range DPS’ers.

Adapt, Improvise, Overcome. Not everything is a DPS race?

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This week is not considered a good week.

The problem with sanguine is not the damage. It is the healing that it does to mobs. Some dungeons are just awful with sanguine, unless maybe your tank is a pro at kiting.

And many healers have trouble with grievous.


Like every week, group comp matters. Sanguine is easy with basic kiting and a tank without serious attention issues that zone out. The becomes even easier with a group that has a push utility. Bringing a druid, monk, or dk will be essential for unintereuptible casters.

With the nerf to Grievous, this week is not bad.

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Found 2 solutions to your problem.

  1. Don’t play frost durring sang week if you know it’s bad and have fire as another option.
    2 don’t pug, this is the best advice I can give to anyone who wants to do mplus or raid. Finding a group is super easy
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And why is it bad? I play as frost and I’ve done 10 15s this week. You just have to move a little. Are you caster out here standing in one spot for entire fights lol

can’t ppl still eat food to heal grievious?

If you have a good comp and the group knows what they are doing, you can say most weeks are “easy”.

But, I was referring to general pugging.

It’s the bleeding debuff during the fights that is the issue. If your healer is not capable, you will know about it real fast during a grievous week.

I am 100% PuG’ing.

I understand Sanguine. But so far I made 8x M+15s this week for the vault… my first time ever. Did it happen on Spiteful-Necrotic Week? No, it happened this week… Sanguine-Grievous.

Plaguefall is a bit harshest dungeon for me and it became my fastest clear last night. What was the group composition? It was just a Prot Paly who knows how to kite… And a Druid Heals who knows how to push. Me as MM Hunter has Bursting Shot (Knockback too) and I had some couple of knockbacks to correctly position where Sanguine would land. This is the week where I didnt use Tar trap and Binding Shots.

I know PuGs are hard. For this week, just need a Tank who knows how to kite, some player/s who knows how to push/knockback and someone with an awesome DPS. It so happened I have the knockback and the DPS and some critical interrupt. Also on Grievous, need a competent healer. This week is a cake.

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You make it sound like pugs cant be good. I mainly pug and players are expected to know their class and how to help with certain affixes.

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Youre spare part arent ya bud

I haven’t healed this week yet but didn’t they change grevious to remove a stack with a cast heal or am I mistaken? Since that change, this affix isn’t that much of a problem (at least on the classes I heal on anyway).

You are correct. Current grievous is easier than the old one for sure.

But, bad healers still stand out on grievous weeks, just like bad tanks stand out on necrotic and sanguine weeks.

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I didn’t say pugs can’t be good. Of course, they can.

There are endless ways to talk about how pugs can be good or bad.

But, like I said, I was just making a general statement.