Mythic Plus Question

Without exaggeration I barely notice grievous at all. It doesn’t do much damage, takes a long time for stacks to build up, and is easy to remove stacks. I heal on a druid and shaman and it almost feels like the affix doesn’t even exist. Bursting on the other hand…now that’s a pain in the rear.

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I play frost on my mage and it sucks. I’d switch to fire but I’m not buying the legendary for fire.

I’ve played frost for multiple tiers, and you are not “hard countered” by sanguine, any more than you are “hard countered” by necroitc.

All of your complaints about frost dealing with both of those affixes also apply to destruction warlock, and it’s currently the best or 2nd best DPS for keys currently.

Skill issue.

Not happening.

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Just a spectator here because I don’t PvE but… won’t a frost mage passively slow/snare mobs in sanguine and full heal them often? Unless they just never use blizzard of frozen orb maybe?

I can see destro locks random infernal stuns hurting them on sanguine weeks but nothing else comes to mind.

Mind educating me on that?

The only time I ever felt hard-countered was with pre-nerf Explosive (back when the balls had a bunch of HP and scaled with key level) and I was playing my Guardian Druid.

To kill explosive balls my options were:

  1. Auto-attack (which didn’t do much back when the balls had real HP)
  2. Moonfire (a DoT that took longer to run than the balls needed to explode)
  3. Mangle (on a cooldown)

Because the only other abilities were AoE ones.

The dumbest thing about explosive balls is that even if you’re targeting them, if you use an aoe ability, it does zero damage. Even to the ball you’re targeting. I get that they don’t want them cleaved, but at least the ball you’re targeting should take damage.


It will lead to slightly more healing, but a lot of the big scary mobs are immune to slows. The slows from those 2 spells also fall off really quickly after the mob stops taking damage from it.

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How does sanguine hard counter a mage?

Yo, didn’t know that!

(Thanks for having the patience to explain things I’m unaware of in PvE, over multiple threads too :rofl: you seem to understand I’m genuinely asking :ok_hand:)

Lol spear of bastion and sanguine. My warrior is sad

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Try playing melee in spiteful where the tank doesn’t feel like moving.

Specs with ground targeted aoes gonna see a dps loss in sanguine - those same specs get a dps gain during spiteful when they inadvertently pad off the ghostybois

Every class has challenges on different affixes

Melee have it way worse, pugs avoid melee in spiteful, quaking and to a lesser extent storming

No one ever passed up on a mage because of sanguine :joy:

frost mage is bis in necrotic

You take the good with the bad, It’s the whole point of the affix system

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Some weeks are bad. I do think they need to re work some affixes or give you more tools to counter act them. I wish affixes were were there more for flavor to change up the weeks rather than some completely taking over the dungeon. Sanguine weeks feel like just that, the entire dungeon is about sanguine and that feels weird. Bursting is an affix I enjoy, you need to pay attention to it but it’s not a huge deal and there is counter play. Grievous is a lazy bad affix that has no counter play and punishes player mistakes even more (not a bad thing but it’s just damage on damage).

Not sure I agree with a weekly sub. They just need to tone down the effect of the affix. I personally prefer to focus on the actual dungeon than the affixes but I do think they are important. I think the seasonal affixes have been great. Affixes like bursting, volcanic, and storming are good because they change up how you have to play without losing sight of what’s important and that’s the dungeon.

Necrotic, bolstering, and sanguine completely take over the dungeon and are difficult for an unorganized group to deal with. I’m okay with some affixes being harder than others but they need to be closer. The impact that sanguine has on a dungeon versus the impact volcanic has astronomically different. Some weeks feel 2-3 key levels harder than others. Push weeks are so popular because people can play the actual dungeon and not the affix. It’s mustard not the hot dog.

I actually really like helping people who genuinely want the help.

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Grievous isn’t too bad most of the time, but De Other Side is extremely difficult depending on comp because people already take loads of damage during the intermission phase by design. Honestly, I think Mueh’zala is a horribly designed boss and affixes like grievous just make him worse. To make matters worse, battle rez is pretty much useless during intermission because of the gigantic and weird boss arena.

it’s almost like you were watching me play

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I definitely zone out here and there, but not every pull haha.

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