Mythic Plus and LFG are a Toxic Quagmire for players that were not established in BFA

M+ and LFG in general needs a significant overhaul.

The entire LFG pane does not work in an age of massive discords and DMing people on battle-net lists. These methods all are fine once you have established a core group of familiar names/friends or acquaintances to run content with, and this will slowly make guilds obsolete as well as the guild perks are not really enough to outweigh what I’ll call “astro-turf pugging” or doing content with a loosely affiliated group of friends that are not formally organized like a guild, or are just highly ranked on third party tools like raider iO.

However, LFG no longer serves the purpose it was intended for 10+ years ago in wraith and most of the people posting groups on LFG typically are there to troll, grief other players, or are advertisements for carries after a troll group/individual has tanked your iO score.

At the least, remove LFG and just allow soloQue of M+ dungeons. Match-Make players based on the highest level they have completed for an instance and if it was timed or not. We know you (Blizzard) are tracking all of this stuff because its on the armory. If you’re tracking it and pulling it from the game then they are values you can reference in your code. The fact this hasn’t been revamped in 10 years is pure negligence.

WoW isn’t the social hub it used to be because development didn’t maintain the social aspects and UI centered around that part of the game. There’s other Social platforms that can bring players together better than WoWs LFG menu.

Scrap manual LFG and put in SoloQueue for M+ and Rated PvP or the game is going to die because of it. The longer these things are not in the game the greater barrier of entry becomes for newer players who are not going to put up shifting through the bad groups just to learn the game.

This should have been in the game at launch instead of rushing this expansion.

We are paying you (Blizzard )15 bucks a month and you don’t even have features in your game that are common in free to play games such as League of Legends and Warzone.

You are killing the game by procrastinating.


There should be a solo queue for everything, MMO or not. Our progress shouldn’t depend on other people this much.


exactly, which is why i referenced CoD. having the game match you with people is just more efficient than it was back in 2009 when LFG probably came out.

Its not the game, its the players.

its 50/50. If there weren’t bad actors on the LFG then LFG would work but because there’s bad actors among the good actors it breaks LFG. When human interaction becomes the problem its the role of the game developer/Designer to do something to change player behavior.

You see them do this with balances and nerfs to classes. They should be putting more effort into group building, matchmaking, and removing toxic players by limiting how they can interact with people.

if they had some type of matchmaking you’d see the trolls in LFG and people tanking others’ io score to sell carries on another account die off because those players would only get matched with each other.

Sounds terrible. Lfr people ruining my key… not fun.


The lfg we have today wasn’t implemented in the game until WoD in 2014.
So wrong statement bud and your claim about lfg groups are only trolls and griefers is laughable lol.
Most of the toxicity received in this game is from being a flat out awful player.
So if you’re experiencing a lot of toxic players, maybe you’re the problem??
And if you can’t handle that then an mmo might not be for you. Or at least not an mmo with logs that can track everything a player does.


you’re not going to get LFR people in your keys unless you perform like an LFR player. That’s the purpose of matchmaking/SoloQueue over manual LFG.


no thanks, this sounds like an awful time. comp matters… a lot.


LFG was 100% in Wraith…

“Patch 3.1.0 (2009-04-14): Class roles (i.e. damage, tanking, healing) have been added to the Looking For Group feature. Class roles will be displayed when sorting through the Looking For More section.” -wowgamepediacom/Dungeon_Finder

The OG LFG used to just dump you into a channel back in TBC which the current interface is also doing, it just looks nicer. It doesn’t actually match you.

You are why SoloQue is needed so people don’t have to group with someone like you is probably hardheaded and doesn’t listen when you wipe.


Just because some dude got carried through a dungeon doesn’t put him at a certain level. If you time a 7 doesn’t automatically entitle you to get into somebody’s 8. Let the keyholder make his or her own group. Groups tend to balance based on bloodlust, range/melee, or other criteria based on the weekly affixes.

If you can’t get groups then work on your raider io. It’s the first thing people look at, along with ilevel.

But being that this isn’t an Fps game that can record your k/d ration, your rating will depend on how your group does as a whole. And it’s very easy for 3 players to carry 2 through a m+ key. So ya they’ll be lfr players ruining keys.

Blizz seriously needs to improve the LFG tool.

It looks like something that was hacked together by a first-year programming student compared to what group finders look like in modern games in terms of sorting, rating and evaluating potential teammates.


I was talking about the lfg we have today…

And that’s good coming from someone not even confident enough to post on their main.
I’m 3x CE exp raider with orange parse logs lol been playing consistently since vanilla. If we were in the same group and wiped I’d be the one explaining to you what just happened

this! there is so much they could do to make it better.
they can get some great ideas here:


Once again this isnt 2009. This can all be coded by now to group players together based on class. There’s a limited number of classes and a limited number of permutations between a tank a healer and 3 DPS.

Its the developer’s job to make these tools not players. Other games can do this.

The only people that don’t want this change are probably those like I mentioned are making gold or real money selling runs to people who get griefed by the same individuals.


I’ve seen so many high ilevel raiders ruin keys it isn’t even funny. A lot of y’all are terrible and are good at doing the rotation you saw that one streamer do.

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The only people who want this won’t take the time to level their io score.

You can solo queue now… you just need to get an invite.

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But a rating source based on an outside add-on shouldn’t be the determining factor. It’s like everyone glosses over the OP’s point about having the data for matchmaking based off your skill.

If you really think LFG is fine, I’m sure you’re probably like the many who liked flip phones and Windows XP.

Literally every game in today’s world has a Matchmaking system.

I know I’m not going to convince anyone of anything; but arguing it’s better without one is really ignorance at it’s finest. WoW has adapted to all the modern trends as the years have gone by. They’ve increased the game speed. They simplified the stats. They even destroyed their leveling system so more players can do endgame content together. LFG is literally a joke of a system.


No. This is the worst idea I have ever heard. People need to be able to make their own groups.

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