Mythic not being cross realm yet is just stupid

I know that this is kind of a moot point since Mythic is gonna be cross server from the start in the next expansion, but it’s still very frustrating how Blizz thought gatekeeping cross realm Mythic like this was a good idea in the first place and imo shows how out of touch they are with the playerbase.

Maintaining a consistent roster of players wanting to Mythic raid is already frustrating enough as it is, and it’s damn near impossible to Mythic raid if you play on a low pop server like I do. I don’t think Blizz realizes just how useless low pop servers are in retail WoW. All I want to do is kill the first 2 bosses on Mythic for the extra Vault slot and extra chance at Myth gear, but that won’t be possible until Hall of Fame is cleared, and we’re already over halfway through the season.

I thought they were as of recently?


Didn’t notice it became cross realm this week, but my point still stands that this should have occurred earlier in the season

Something something hall of fame needing to fill… and not enough guilds running it any more?

HoF is combined to 200 guilds instead of 100 horde and 100 alliance so it actually fills faster than when usually horde hit 100 and alliance was at 20.

No cross realm Mythic raid ever until the last second is basically why my raiding guild died.

I think Blizzard gave up on guilds in favor of E sport teams.

Blizzard gave up on their game in favor of E sports in general. Something we are starting to finally see getting reversed slowly.


Kinda messed up it took so long to have it xrealm considering its daddy CM was xrealm from the start.

So, you’ll be able to get into Mythic dungeons next expansion without needing to be on a Highly populated realm? Dead realms like mine have a chance?

Oh who am I kidding, not like I’ll ever que up for it anyway.

So you could have been getting declined for 2 months instead of 2 days? Lol

Every time I see someone complaining about LFG mythic, none of them are max geared, 3k+ IO, etc. You realize it’s very difficult to get someone to invite you to a run, right? It’s not like ‘yay LFG Mythic is open,’ then everyone gets big loot.

Cross Realm Raiding is effectively open now forever.

And yeah, if you want to raid Mythic for loot, you’re probably in for a bad time.

Pugging is not the only advantage to xrealm mythic. Besides this is a forum and people have different mains here than in game.