Cross-realm Mythic Amirdrassil Begins Feb. 6

With the weekly reset in each region the week of February 6, we will enable cross-realm groups in Mythic difficulty Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope.

Thank you!


Yay! About time!

Never too late i guess

And with that, this marks the last time we’ll ever be seeing cross-realm Mythic locked behind Hall of Fame.

Here’s hoping y’all will change this insanely antiquated lockout system in the future as well; I think it’s BY FAR the biggest problem with Mythic raiding and addressing it would immediately fix most of its issues.


Inb4 the hilarity that will be raid loggers complaining about being “forced” to farm a boss a hundred or so times a week.

I mean the solution would be to basically LFR the boss lockouts. Instead of 1 raid for instance Amirdrassil on Mythic is 4 raids (basically using LFR lockouts except Smolderon put in the last wing). You can keep the lockout system without actually having the problems that come with it and people will not feel as stressed about getting saved to the early bosses because they can have it both ways.

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I disagree. there’s nothing wrong with being expected to work with the same team.

I don’t think we should change it so people can McRaid.

That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m specifically talking about the unique Mythic lockout ID thing, where if you accept a specific lockout you’re stuck with that lockout until the end of the week. It’s needlessly restrictive and makes extending your lockout feel really, really, really bad because you’re gonna be going multiple weeks without doing anything but wiping to one boss.

Heroic has the system where you can jump in anywhere but are only eligible for loot from each boss once per week and I think Mythic would be vastly improved if that was a thing there too.

I’m okay with progging Tindral with the same team; I’m not okay with not having the option to do Volcoross, Council, Larodar, and Nymue (or, hell, not doing ANY of the first seven if we’re extending) on my time, outside of raid, and at least having the slightest chance of getting a small upgrade from doing so.


Good but too late.

Good. Now nerf the last 3 bosses for us mere mortals.

I don’t know if I can hold this thing together for 400 pulls of Tindral.

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Should go back to 100 horde and 100 alliance.

that’s not possible anymore with xfaction

my guild is a horde guild, but it’s more than half alliance. In fact, it’s only a horde guild because I promoted a horde alt to GM before faction swapping my druid back to NE. faction means little anymore.

Horde/Alliance guild entirely cosmetic at this point.

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Wait. We are pretending that players will jump around and help out on fights like smold… for no loot?


We have finished pull on this week, best 6% health boss, could you leave the achievement of the hall of fame achievement for one week so that our work is not in vain?

It’s not unrealistic that people would, but the more realistic outcome is that people on Smolderon (mostly for guilds perma-extending for CE, which should be any guild on Smolderon or that doesn’t have the skip who’s on Tindral as of right now) would go back and kill bosses like Volcoross and Council with other groups.

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Mate, this forum is full of people complaining about being forced to do content outside of raid night.

But we think they will pug farm bosses?

That’s right I forgot about the band aid solution to the lack of players and the utter abandonment of mythic raiding alliance side.

to be fair, the vast majority of posters here aren’t mythic raiders

A significant percentage of my raid would pug farm bosses if they could. That doesn’t mean I think they should be able to.

I’d be a fan of the same team being able to go back and do earlier bosses, maintain the raid ID but don’t hard lock bosses… but I don’t see that happening.

How about making it flex 15-25? That would open it up to many more guilds and not make them stop when just a few players stop playing.

You’re nerfing it anyway, so it doesn’t have to be perfect, just more doable.