Mythic Keystone Great Vault Expectations

9.0.5 will arrive on Tuesday, March 9.

Please be reminded that the Great Vault rewards items based on your efforts in the previous week. That means that you should not feel pressured to push Mythic Keystone dungeons excessively over the next few days, as your Mythic Keystone dungeon reward(s) from the Great Vault immediately after the patch goes live will not be an item that can be upgraded with Valor. Keeping items unclaimed through the first week will have no impact on this.

After the first week of the patch, the Great Vault will offer gear that can be upgraded.

Thank you!


Look how they massacred the poster above me.


Oh, cool keep from liking the game even longer. I have a feeling the amount to upgrade items is going to be cumbersome anyway judging by the devs horrible decision making thus far.


This is horrible. Make M+ items obtained before 9.0.5 upgradeable with Valor.


I feel a little sorry for whoever has to post these on the forums. Only a little since it’s a choice to work in a potentially public facing position after all.

You could say it’s a “meaningful choice” even. :wink:


Upgrades capped at 220
Gear we actually have cannot be upgraded
Hard cap of 1500 valor per character / 5000 week.

Listen, if you intended to make something good to keep players subbed, you’re doing something very wrong.


It’s not horrible, it’s still an improvement.

We went from not having the option to upgrade at all, to being able to upgrade new pieces we get.

That is a net positive last I checked.


Not allowing Mythic+ players to upgrade their existing gear with Valor that they’ve spent weeks or months farming is clearly a bad decision. I don’t understand why WoW developers continue to make these choices that have no obvious up side when they must know it’s going to seriously piss off a lot of players.

I’m really glad I don’t bother with Mythic+ currently because I am sure this would steam me if I did.


So. about that perpetual bag space issue…


So a piece of gear obtained after patch, is not impacted by patch…interesting.


We still have nothing, because if you don’t have the item post 9.0.5 you can’t upgrade. So you have to keep running more and more M+ until you get it.

Which is so stupid we shouldn’t have to explain why it makes no sense at all to rely on RNG to get again the same item you already have, so you can upgrade it.

Dev team is so lazy and incapable of delivering something that would appease the player base, so they have to do something that will piss them off.

Honestly, if it had to be this way, they should’ve added Valor in 9.1 instead.


Thank you for being upset on someone else’s behalf.


Even if valor dropped in 9.1,it would still be the same set up we are getting now.
With the possible exception of more crying.

You know what, yeah, it would have, but they would have a better excuse than this lame that wouldn’t allow the items you currently have being upgraded.

Haven’t logged into SL for 3 weeks and don’t miss it. Prepping for BC by playing classic however is alot of fun. Wish I could only be subbed to classic and not SL.

Literally padding out content because 9.1 is 4+ months away.
Lmao, having to get all our items again, and the paltry speed of acquisition and upgrading is going to make the game even more dead.


I imagine they do it to keep people playing that content.

And as much as it pisses people off, most of those Mythic+ players are gonna do it.


Why can’t I upgrade items I got before this patch



Make the title Lord/Lady of War account wide.

Please and Thank you,


Whatever their reasoning, it seems like a really bad decision to me. Do Rated PvP players all need to re-farm their Conquest gear in v9.0.5? Nope! That honor is reserved for the Mythic+ fans! :laughing:

If I didn’t know any better, I’d say Ion was trying to piss off the Mythic+ crowd, lol.