Mythic+ Keystone changing upon logout?

Received a key in the vault and then rerolled it after timing a key. Later logged back in to the game to find that my keystone had reverted to the original dungeon (went from Mists back to Halls). Anyone else experienced this issue?


Same thing happened to me rerolling seems to work at 1st and then my key changes back wtf.


Yup, just had this happen to me. Changed from Streets to Mist, logged out, logged back in later to do Mists, and saw that the key had changed back to Streets.


Same thing here, AND with a Sanguine Depths, honestly would take any other. This rerolling back issue is HORRIBLE!


a guildie of mine had his ToP change to NW as well


Same thing happened to our friend. RIP our 20 Soleah’s Gambit… we actually needed that key too.

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We had a couple of us have the same thing happen in our group. I was sad to see my Mist was gone AFTER we all got there and were ready to go! However, one of the other people in the group took advantage of it and logged out after rerolling because he didn’t like what he got. Lol.

You would think something this big and important would be worked on instantly.

This is ridiculous my key has reverted back three times in the past 2 days. It is happening before I even logout or do anything else.

Just experienced this last night; rerolled a 20 Streets to a 20 Halls after a successful Plaguefall run, then swapped to another toon for a while. On logging back to my DK, the key was a Streets again.

This happened to me about five minutes ago. I had a 19 Necrotic Wake, timed a dungeon and swapped it to 19 Spires of Ascension, logged out to update my IO, logged back in, and it was 19 Necrotic Wake again.

Can confirm this has happened twice to me this week, which is really problematic as my group rerolled a bunch of keys so we wouldnt have doubles… Has this been addressed at all ?

According to the ticket reply I just got last night, it’s being investigated, but no ETA on a fix, just a “watch for a hotfix”. :confused:

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Still happening -_- rerolled a ToP to Halls and then to a DoS. Logged back in the next day and it was a ToP again QQ I needed that DoS!

same thing here changed my key at the end of a run last week then the next day when i went to run that key it had changed on me did the same thing this week i had spires changed it got top then it changed back to spires when i logged in today

Happened to me twice in a row today. Now stuck with this key forever :sweat_smile:

Bump. Same thing is still happening. Any official word on this?

Just confirming this is still happening. I changed a 15 ToP for a 15 Gambit, logged out, and when I logged back in it reverted to a 15 ToP

This happened to me and my son today. He’s trying to farm Plaugefall for a weapon. Changed his key after we completed a PF and it went from Sanguine to Plaugefall and he was super happy. Logged in today and it’s back to Sanguine. Happened to me the other day, changed mine and it became a Halls - the next day I set up a group for Halls and got inside and the key had reverted back to Mists.

Having the same issue! If it has been an issue since the beginning of the month I wonder if Blizz will look into it.