Mythic Dungeon International - First Dragonflight Season!

Mythic Dungeon International - First Dragonflight Season!

The Mythic Dungeon International is making its premiere in Dragonflight and kicking off with the all-new Season 1 Dungeons!

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Yay new meta here we come…

Oh boy! this is going to be interesting.

Nerf Demon Hunters

Put twitch drops and I will “watch” it :slightly_smiling_face:


Fixed that for ya.

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Bring back Jak.


Yep expecting the rise of Blood DKs and prot Pals on the tank side, Rsham and Disc on the healer side and i think it will cement the 1 rogue+1melee+1 hybrid format for the dps slots, Enhance and Boomkins are already doing extremely well at high levels.

Spriest for certain affixes and Rets post-buffs will probably be competitive in that slot too.

Only wild card is Warlocks, on their own they’re amazing but idk how a competitive team could fit one in.

I guess people dont realize mdi meta is not the same as live key pushing. the classes that are best to pull a +18 dungeon as fast as possible doesnt mean they are the best for doing +25 keys on live

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/10 char


Next season for sure prot paladin will take the crown. They will have so much passive block itll be crazy.

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People don’t, which is the point of my post.

Inb4 it ends up with more viewers than the AWC.

Also inb4 your terrible pugs start trying MDI strats and killing your keys. Lol.


People who post stuff like this probably complain about lack of interaction from devs and lack of community lol

True but people assume those specs that are best at quickly running an +18 as being bis for 15 and under (and presumably a more safe bet to take for a 20).

Weird, I was going to say the same thing about locks.

“We need UDK I saw it in MDI”.



Linking front page news articles to the forums is not interaction from devs or community.

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The event is a way to interact with the community and to get the community to interact with each other

How are the devs interacting with the community with this event?

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