Mythic Cross Realm Ny’alotha

Getting there!

Theres way more mythic raiders or potential mythic raiders than youd believe. But youre Alliance so obv you dont see it. Im on Bladefist, which merged with Kul’Tiras to make 2 dead servers in 1. Its near impossible to get mythic raiding here due to lack of people. I think 1 horde guild here pushed into M at all. Im all finished farming my H gear so now im stuck waiting on Tuesdays Titan Res for my helm and waiting on cross realm Mythic for any other progress on my character beyond that. If there was no cross realm M at all now id already be unsubbed lol being handicapped due to which server I picked when I was 10 years old would be no fun in Modern WoW. Also, due to my own work schedule I cant raid with any guilds here because of times. So I PUG all my runs anyway. My situation is specific but I promise you theres plenty more in the same or similar boat. If Mythic was always cross realm youd see how many potential mythic raiders there really are.

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For sure. They know it too. They just want to keep mythic raiding as prestigious and guild focused as possible at the cost of everyone elses fun. They fear that if pubs can do mythic raiding runs by themselves their precious society of privileged mythic guilds would lose all members once people realize that the only reason they are a guild is because of the accessibility crutch Of mythic raiding.

I think guilds should be more than just prisons to keep people for mythic raiding and therefore am fine with mythic raiding being accessible to pugs. If a guild cannot keep its members without forcing all to be mythic raiders then I have doubts about that guild and what it stands for.


If you feel that strongly you can just invite 19 ppl and have at it?

It would be nice to have an option to do so on via group finder like I do w heroic raiding to search for mythic raiding within my server cluster but we cannot even get that. The Blizzard UI does not allow me to post and only look for mythic by my server cluster. That feature only gets released when cross realm mythic raiding is released.

Time to go old school.

/2 LFM mythic Nyalatha pst

Honestly I wouldn’t care if mythic was always cross realm.

Or, if they actually wanted a semblance of a community at all, make nothing cross realm BUT merge dozens of servers so they all have high/full populations.

I mean I would be down for both. Regardless with all the cross realm zoning its hard to even get people on the same guild and server as you on the same shard at times so a /s does not always suffice.

I want better options but at a minimum it would help to get a ui bump for intra server mythic raiding pugs.

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It’s like a year until we get SL. Alliance will be done before then.

Well maybe they will get it by next month.

Congrats Alliance!

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Are there any resources for finding a cross realm mythic raid PUG or group? I have a 478 Warrior (Arms/Prot) that’s looking to cross realm mythic. My main is 11/12M and will be starting to work on Mythic N’Zoth next week.

Your best resource will first be the group finder. However I can anticipate people making cross realm mythic raiding communities to enjoy this game without the tyranny of guild only groups. So you can also look in the community finder and see if there are any communities.

I plan on making a pug group and whoever is competent enough to follow mechanics and join discord with a positive attitude I plan to invite them to my community. I am sure many others will do so this way also

That’s a great idea, thank you. I’ll keep an eye out for any communities that pop-up.

Club camel went/ is going horde, so that’s now one more guild we have to wait on.

Its out as of next week. The wait is over!

Yeah I mean going forward - if they keep the same requirements, the wait will now be longer since they’ve moved.

That’s exciting … but to be honest in my experience as a mythic pugger it’s easier to find groups and advance when it’s only your realm. I’ve found cross realm pugs are basically a one night event, whereas realm specific you can usually pug with a guild a couple of nights.

Oh wel pug life for me.

WTF Club Camel will faction change? Man Blizz is losing it. This will hurt the alliance a lot and it will specially hurt one of the last good alliance server out there. Blizzard has no clue. This faction imbalance will eventually kill the game. Maybe that’s what Blizzard wants i don’t know.

It’s more than that. Usually around 7-10% of top alliance guilds are on Stormrage-US. This will weaken the server and this could affect more than just one guild. Stormrage is one of the few last bastion for the alliance.