Mythic Cache Next Week


Just mirroring this post to make sure people are aware and can prepare accordingly.


(Chad) #3

Just remove azerite pieces.

(Lathander) #4

Nice I can’t wait.

(Glowball) #5

I thought this was a really good change. Not only does it let you target azerite pieces you want, it makes it so that if you don’t make it to the m4, m7, m10 floor you will no longer get a piece with item level lower than what you worked up too.


does the amount of residuum change if you do over a 10 key? or is it capped?


Wouldn’t this system discourage players from trading azerite gear in raids?
“Hey you need that?” “Yes, for scrap”


Same. I’m looking forward to being able to purchase Azerite gear. I haven’t looked into it, but I’m hoping the vendor doesn’t simply just sell an “Azerite cache” that can be one of the thre slots.

Instead, I’m hoping the npc sells a random cuirass, pauldron and helmet and that the rng aspect is the trait makeup.


Assuming someone wants to maximize Titan Residuum, aside from emissaries/WQ, do we have to farm normal Mythic dungeons, LFR, Normal, Heroic, Mythic raids every week just so we have more azerite pieces to scrap?


This 10char

(Yarrow) #11

Both weekly caches, or just the PVP cache, or just the PVE cache?


I’m glad we are able to get a head start on the new currency. They could have easily said you start earning after things go live, but at least we can get the weekly reward right away. I understand people not being able to stock up gear, that would be silly. Blizz, keep doing things like this. Where it feels like there was thought put into it and the conclusion actually favors the players.

(Maizou) #13

…didn’t you guys learn with the legendary stuff last expansion that people want a warning in-game (AKA on the login page/launcher) to do Mythic caches for things like this?

There was literally huge outrage when people got gipped out of essences because they didn’t know to do a M+ the week before the patch dropped that introduced them, because the only place we were notified to do it was on the forums, and not everyone views the forums.

(Crowlay) #14

Players who do not bother to do the barest minimum of research don’t deserve the same rewards as the rest of us. Take responsibility for your own education.

(Paintchips) #15

You’d make a great teacher!

(Dvis) #16

Technically since it will be in the patch notes, and the patch notes will be on the launcher… that being said, word of mouth is and always will be faster than Blizzard at spreading news. Tell all your friends!

(Caspery) #17

Remove Azerite pieces and just give us expanded talent trees already*

There we go, fixed

(Quixa) #18

Azerite pieces can no longer appear in Mythic chests

So raids are the only direct source of drops now.


Wait until all of you see the exchange rate for residuums. You are gonne cry

(Primalmatter) #19

I think the idea is to release this early so raiders sub early to get their bis then leave after progression?

I don’t really understand the idea behind this change to be honest. If azerite is the new valor gear just give it the same rules valor had for acquisition.

(Vihoh) #20

Just remove azerite. Trying to improve poop by spraying perfume on it.