Mythic Cache Next Week

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Immediately after the Tides of Vengeance update goes live with scheduled maintenance in each region, you’ll now be able to target specific kinds of Azerite armor by earning Titan Residuum, which can be used to purchase Azerite armor from everyone’s favorite purveyor of exquisite furnishings: Thaumaturge Vashreen, who can be found alongside his fellow ethereals in either Boralus or Dazar’alor.

In the weekly cache, you’ll now receive an amount of Titan Residuum in addition to your weekly item. Completing higher-level Keystones will award greater amounts of Titan Residuum from your weekly cache. Scrapping or disenchanting new epic-quality Azerite gear obtained in Tides of Vengeance (from any source) also provides Titan Residuum, with more powerful items yielding more Residuum.

After the update goes live, your weekly cache will contain Titan Residuum, and will not have a chance to contain a piece of Azerite Armor. We suggest you complete at least one Mythic Keystone dungeon before the update to make sure that you earn Titan Residuum when you open your cache after the update.

There isn’t a cap on how much Titan Residuum you can hold, and we do not plan to reset Titan Residuum at the start of Season 2. When Season 2 begins, the vendor will offer higher item-level pieces (iLvl 400 or 415) at significantly higher costs than the Season 1 items. Also at that time, the weekly Mythic Keystone cache will begin rewarding proportionally more Residuum, and new iLvl 400+ Azerite armor will yield more Residuum when scrapped or disenchanted.

See you in the dungeons!

Mythic Cache Next Week
Tides of Vengeance Arrives December 11
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For clarity regarding

Is that also past +10 or does it cap at a certain level keystone?


Does the reward scale past +10?


What is the formula for amount of Titan Residuum rewarded for completing X key?

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Yes. Completing Mythic Keystones higher than level 10 will yield more Residuum for each additional level, with diminishing returns.

Mythic Cache - Residuum Question
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TY for clarification


Ok… and what about PvPers? Can we actually get some attention for once please? Arena is the last thing keeping me in WoW and it’s not even amazing. Please, toss us a bone for once instead of acting like PvPers mean nothing to you.


Can we get more information, especially with an open ended answer ending with “with diminished returns”. The feature is 4 days away and information on “diminishing returns” would be nice to know what an efficient use of my time will be.


Thanks for letting us know! Would you be able to give us a chart showing us how much we get from each level, so we get an idea of what the diminishing returns looks like?

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Maybe it can’t be answered until we are closer to Season 2, but will the keystone levels be reset or will the rewards just be raised to a higher key level?

I.e. will the max level gear in Season 2 come from a +10 key or, say, a +15 as it was for certain points in Legion?

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In Legion it didn’t raise to a +15 until Tomb of Sargeras. So most likely we’ll still be getting max rewards out of a +10 and we’ll see the +15 change later with Nazjatar and Azshara.


Do we know how much Azerite we get from each level of chest and what the costs of the Azerite pieces are, so we can make a decision about this stuff yet?

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Can we get a table of Residuum returns or something so I don’t go yolo a 15 or whatever for marginal gains


Does this mean within each weekly cache you are guaranteed 1 random non-azerite item AND the Titan Residuum?

As opposed to the current reward which is 1 item guaranteed ( which is either azerite or non-azerite ).

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No one in my guild even does mythic+ we just raid, this system Is unhelpful for us…

(Primalmatter) #18

Considering this isn’t anything other then a new valor point system to grind. Is there a reason why it can’t be acquired from raids or as a daily/weekly reward from heroic dungeons?

Everyone is simply going to pool points till they can buy their BiS so I don’t see the point in offering anything but those items. Is the goal simply to slow down players from acquiring gear?

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Blizzard caring about PvPers in an expansion focused on the war between the two factions?

Get out of here with your common sense and logic. This is BfA. You will have mythics crammed down your throat and you will like it.

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The system is in place because mythic plus currently is extremely inconsistent at awarding azerite. Raiding is the opposite.

However if you pve at all you’ll want to start getting into mythic plus. Getting a free 380 and a ton of ap every week should appeal to everyone who plays regularly. If you need help learning contact me privately.

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The goals were clearly defined in the original post by lore. Azerite gear from dungeons is extremely inconsistent.

This will dramatically change how people aquire it, because every week you will gradually get more instead of going possibly months without any items then getting three in consecutive weeks.

This is only the case in mythic plus, as raids they drop as blizzard expects them too regularly. However it actually gives cross incentives now so you can get those items from raids and scrap them and eventually buy one from 5 mans if that is your interest.

But if they were to add a similar thing to raids, they would just get rid of from the loot table and that would mean less gear overall and no more trading.