Mythic Cache Next Week

If this was World of Twitter or World of Websites, you might have a point. To play the game, ALL important information should be available, or at least with a pointer to the information, in the game (including the announcements on the login page or launcher).

The patch notes don’t show up until the patch goes live. There should be a link to the patch notes in the game client at least a week before the patch.


It does. One side effect of allowing raid gear to scrap.

So wait, you’re giving us a currency that will take weeks to accumulate enough of to buy anything with… and you’re removing the chance to get random azerite gear from the chest?

Why is this so difficult?

So instead of having a chance at getting something over 5 weeks, you get nothing, but on week 6 you can buy that piece of gear you wanted when it was current, but you’ve now leveled past it because the new raid is out?

This just seems like the worst possible implementation of this that you could have thought of…


Just save it up for the season 2 gear. Sorted. I have already accepted I’m not getting the exact azerite gear I want for season 1 but I am grateful for the head start on season 2

It seems very poor implementation indeed.

I really appreciate this gesture from Blizzard. Many players asked for Justice, valor vendor back now it seems like we have the NPC !
Well, thank you!

As for the Azerite system, I don’t think it can go away for this expansion since it’s the core of the BFA game design and play.

As for me, I really like BFA. It’s easier than Legion and it’s so nice and relaxing for me. I am planning on max leveling 10 x alts, so I think I am gonna enjoy BFA. I like the WQs too, especially the turtle rep one that I flip the pictures and remember and match 2 identical pictures.
WQs are good brain exercise games I think. It’s almost like Luminosity. I wish we can have more brain puzzle WQs.

I am glad Blizzard posted this on the Forums.

An in-game message or a message on the launcher would be great - but the Forums are fine.

Blizzard usually ignores their game and forum - they usually use Twitter and Facebook while ignoring their own Forum and Game for announcements.

I am pleased with Blizzard using their forum. I hope they do this more. Thanks Blizzard!

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