My Pre-Stress Test Observations

For those who don’t know me, I’ve been slowly working my way through the Beta the past few days, updating my Alliance Rogue Quest Completionist Guide. I’m only up to level 15 in the Beta so far, but that’s because I’ve been testing out every single quest at the appropriate level (before they turn gray) as well as testing various game mechanics as I go. Here are some noteworthy observations I’ve made (some of which may or may not already be known to many players):

  1. Spillover rep has been disappointing so far, with very few quests providing spillover rep in Elwynn Forest, Dun Morogh and Teldrassil. I’m still hopeful that quests in later zones will provide more spillover rep.

  2. It’s widely believed that Rogues have to wait until level 10 to drop their dagger for a sword or mace, but I’ve verified that there are no level requirements for swords or maces for Rogues. The same may apply to other classes, but I haven’t tested that yet. Unfortunately, Rogues on a fresh server with no outside help will probably have trouble scraping together 10-15 silver (5s36c if you buy a Gladius) until at least level 5 (Stress Test goal?), but that should make those next 4-5 levels much easier. If you’re making a Rogue bank alt, feel free to twink them out at level 1 with a Fiery enchanted Fine Scimitar or Keen Machete for style points.

  3. Speaking of twinks, I’ve tested and verified that when you are a ghost grouped with another person, you gain no experience from kills but you do gain Steamwheedle Cartel reputation from their pirate kills. You receive 5 Ratchet rep along with 3 rep for each of the other three Steamwheedle Cartel factions (Booty Bay, Everlook and Gadgetzan). I assume this strategy would apply to Timbermaw rep grinds as well.

  4. The run over the Dun Morogh mountain next to Gnomeregan to die/rez in Wetlands has been tested and verified.

  5. I also tested out leveling up weapon skills against both hunter pets and warlock pets in duels and unfortunately received no skill points against either.

  6. You can reach 75 in both Fishing and Cooking in less than an hour at level 5 and have a full stack of Longjaw Mud Snapper for your efforts.

  7. There is only one quest in the starter area of Shadowglen that is Night Elf only - - the class specific “Sigil” quest. Other than that, non-Night Elves can complete all other quests throughout Teldrassil until you return to Darnassus, where the “Nessa” fedex quest series is also not available to non-Night Elves.

  8. This doesn’t apply to the Stress Test, but the quest Bounty on Murlocs is not available until after you go back to Goldshire to turn in Deliver Thomas’ Report. That means you get to fight through those Murlocs twice!

  9. I also submitted a bug report which may explain the intermittent fails of Pick Pocket. When you are on the exact edge of melee range, Pick Pocket will often fail with no error message. The first attempt is a Fail, but the second attempt is a Success, even against stationary mobs from the exact same distance.

You can find more Classic Beta observations and Rogue information on my site: