My friends are lvl 20 ish and I haven't played yet

Uses an alt to post, probably on a normal server…

Normal server. Opinion not valid.

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It’s only been a few days, it’s not that hard to catch up, besides, if they’re actually good friends they’ll help you out once you do get in.
Don’t get me wrong: the situation sucks and it is Blizz’s fault for lack of planning and underestimating demand; however, if they’ve level 20 at this point, they’ve put in quite a few hours and it sounds like you don’t have that sort of availability - it seems they would’ve left you in the dust regardless.

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how did u change to a wow classic character?

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How did your friends all get in but you have yet to? I’m assuming you all play around the same time roughly if you planned on leveling together?

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With hotfixes that we are currently deploying to all WoW Classic realms, we are substantially increasing the number of players that can be simultaneously logged in and playing. We expect this to result in smaller queues for realms that have large queues, and some realms should no longer have queues at all.

We will closely monitor performance and stability throughout this process.

Thank you very much."

2:40PM here ya go

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That honestly sucks that they won’t reroll. My rl friend rerolled for me when I couldn’t get into the server our guild was sposed to go on. Maybe try in a week if you really are set on that server. There’s bound to be people who lose the hype immediately. There’s a lot of tourists from retail right now, not all will stay.


Some lame friends you got there.


I haven’t had one queue time. My server has no streamers, sense it came out rite at launch.

I log into wow, instantly get to play my little priest. No wait time, no worries. Switch realms. Why the $& would anyone wait more than 30 mins to log in?

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Everyone’s flaming the OP. It doesn’t address the fact that Blizzard releases a new realm, 15 minutes later it has a 10k Queue.

They need to fire up 100+ servers EU and NA, and balance that in the end. This company has ENDLESS amounts of money…


I have had little to no queue times. When Blizzard warned that there would be massive queue times on the Full realms, they were not lying.

Hoes mad.


I rerolled on Windseeker and Im leveling my undead warrior, actually.

Gotta weed out the weak ones. The ones that persevere are going to be the long term players. Later dude.

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I’ve hit three 2-3 hour queues since launch. At no point was I angry, upset, or irritated. I certainly wasn’t “mad as f”.

Now, if I was hit with a 12 hour queue? I’d just roll on a different server. I’d go back if queues dropped off. People are acting like this is the end of the world, but it’s not.

I am sorry that you felt the need to cancel instead of move away from that server for a while. That’s never terribly fun. I suggest checking in a few weeks, if your friends are still playing ask about queues if they’re low or gone, then come back. You can always catch up, don’t let the Zerg fool you.

sad you would give up so easily, thats your choice tho


If they are your friends then good you can get them to carry you when needed for some quests /dungeons when you are able to get in.

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If you get home/off work at 6pm and they get off at 1pm, they would’ve leveled past you regardless. To expect your group of 4 to wait 5 hours to play for you seems a little selfish.

I’m on a group of about 9 people all playing together. We all have different schedules and responsibilities and as such some of us can play for 10+ hours a day and others like myself can only play for 1-3. That doesn’t stop all of us from getting in discord together and shooting the sh*t while leveling even if we’re all leveling separately. Those of the group that are higher level are all willing to help the lower level guys with dungeons or quests if needed, and we’re still all having fun together. We’re not sitting in discord silently fuming and getting jealous at each other for levelling faster, that’s kinda asinine.

Unfortunately a lot of people are going to end up unsubbing if they can’t play with their guild/friends. Not many people are willing to reroll a character between 20-30.

A lot of us moved just like Blizzard asked us to and our guild still split in half because the new server had tremendous Q time so half rerolled and the other half stayed. Open server transfers free or paid and give us an option to play with our friends without forcing people to reroll.


I’ve been lucky enough to be home and have the time to wait through a 5 hour queue 2 days in a row, but sacrifices are to be made for friends and family.

When a friend logged in I was lvl 10 and I brought him 2 linen bags and a couple of silver, and killed mobs he tagged for a few hours to catch him up a bit, taking zero xp in the process.

My brother just got in last night and I was lvl 13. I walked from Westfall to Coldridge Valley to bring him the same welcome gift, although he wanted to level alone. (Hearthstone was bugging in starting zone FYI I had to go back to Dun Morogh to get it to work)

Hopefully you’re friends will sacrifice a bit of that precious in-game time to help you out a bit. I have no regrets and will keep doing that to help others. I’m enjoying the content at my own pace. Good luck and have fun everyone!

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