My Beta and Stress Test option is gone?


Well even if they did invites they not be till monday.


the stress tests are over they got the info they needed and wont be doing another i think.


There are two more.


yeah but they also said they got all the info they needed, if they don’t need to stress test then why do 2 more


They got the info they needed but couldn’t get in the first test. They’ll likely take time to parse over that and make changes to either their planned server count or layering. Then they’ll do another test, parse that data, do another test, and hopefully be good enough for launch.

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  • Stress Test 2: Wed Jun 19– Thurs Jun 20
  • Stress Test 3: Thurs Jul 18– Fri July 19

AFAIK they never said they got “all the info they needed”. They said they got “a great deal of highly useful data”

By your logic then the Classic beta should already be shut down if they indeed got “all the info they needed”


why would they remove everyones stress test invites to give it back or invite new players later?

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To test the process of batch adding Public test realms to accounts for future Classic PTRs.

Also they’ve already stated recently there will be another one in June

> The post by Bornakk indicated that they were unable to accomplish what they wanted to and those who were invited to the first stress test would be able to participate in the one on the May 29th. It was likely just for that period and new invites will be sent out for the next one in June


The client is also still there on your system so re-adding everyone later isn’t a big deal. You’d just need to install any updates.


cause the beta is for stress test strictly? no bro its for adverts

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Ah, true colors are shown…


And the truth comes out.

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If you read the Blue post that was made when they added a second Stress Test on the 29th it gave the impression that each stress test will have their own set of invites.

The best we can hope for is that being invited to an earlier Stress Test doesn’t eliminate us from further Stress Tests. Since if they want a brand new crop of players, they’re not going to invite the same ones again.


ah who cares lets just hope they get the game right for aug 27th.


They said when they started invites to the first test that getting in does not affect your odds of getting any future invites for Stress Tests or Beta.

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Indeed. IMHO the best way to ensure a good stress test is to add a stress test invite to every player of world of warcraft not in the classic beta.

The more players there are the more likely things are to break and that is the entire reason for a Stress Test.

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I recall them saying it doesn’t affect your chances of getting in the Beta. I don’t remember them saying further stress tests.


Huh. So unlike last time after the test ended, it actually lets me log into Beta & Stress test and it pulls up the realm and shows I have a character on it… it’s offline though of course.

They haven’t wiped out characters yet, so hopefully they keep letting us play them on the next one.

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That doesn’t mean there will or won’t be further tests and losing access to the stress test servers doesn’t make me think they will be back again at least not for me.


Lol this is gold, I was like let’s see on the launcher if some miracle came during the night and got me in the beta. Nope not only I am not in but I am also out of the stress one.
OH well I guess.