My 6-month request to return AH Brutosaur to vendor

Good morning. I said when the SL was released that I would politely request every 6 months that the AH Brutosaur mount be returned to the vendor. I have finally gotten enough gold thanks to crafting lots of legendries. I would like to buy it now without having to check the BMAH every day, as I have yet to see it during the times I have remembered to check and it’s been a couple years. You can even raise the price, make it 7.5 M or something.


I don’t have this kind of dedication towards anything. Kudos to you!


Bruto hasn’t been on ANY US realm’s BMAH since July 2021.

And Blizzard doesn’t seem to give a crap. They had no problem making it go bye-bye with their “add to BMAH container” hotfix (which I don’t even believe is in the crates either at this point) but have had every problem putting it back in the rotation.


Just add it back to the vendor, Blizz.

I understand why you remove the AOTC, KSM, Gladiator and CM mounts. It’s fine to give people a few exclusive rewards for participating in content when it’s current. Got it.

However, the following mounts and items need to be brought back.

  • LONGBOI. Collecting 5 million gold shouldn’t be restricted to one xpac. You didn’t do that to the Mammoth or Yak even though sneezing gets you enough gold to buy both.

  • Black and Plague Proto-drakes. No other achievement meta mounts have been removed. Leave Immortal and Undying out of the game so people that did it while current still have a reward and bring the mounts back.

  • Brewfast Ram. It was available for one year than removed without notice. There was zero reason to do that.

  • Old unarmored epic mounts. Who are we saving these for? The 5 people that scraped together 900g in the first few months of classic? Just make them 60% options. Or maybe create a Classic Timewalking event and have the ones that stand out (teal kodo, white and red raptor, white cat) as purchases for 5000 badges each.

  • Zul’gurub. Put the bronze dragon lady in front of the dungeon and let us switch back and forth. You have the original coding or whatever on Classic, so just bring it to retail. Keep them an extremely rare drop and let us farm them again.

  • MoP cloak and WoD ring. You cut out huge chunks of lore and content for what? Bring this back but leave the title out. Give people that got the ring while current a title. Maybe “Legend of Draenor?” I dunno, something. People should have the option of seeing that quest. There was no reason to remove it.

Ok I’ll get off my soapbox now.


I have the same question. Are these actually in the containers? I might actually consider buying these if they published a confirmed drop-rate and stuck with it. Without the drop-rate it’s just gambling, which I don’t enjoy. If I knew it was say, 1 in 25 or 1 in 50 then I could start buying the containers knowing with some certainty that I’d have a 68% chance to get it within about +/- 25% of the of that drop rate

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I don’t have a brutosaur mount and I missed the opportunity. I wish I had one, but I don’t. Sometimes, that’s life. Do you have something that’s special because it’s unobtainable? I have Really Sticky Glue from before Cata and I’m saving it for Mythic Sargeras. I don’t want it put back in the game.

Just accept it. You missed out. Life goes on. It’s not a gamebreaking feature.


“Just accept whatever life gives you” is not a very good recipe for success in life. My 2 cents, anyway.


So, it’s all about what you want? You’ve could bought it when it was available, and worked harder to earn the gold back then, but you had your reasons.


Nobody said it was game breaking and no we’re not moving on. Void Elves whined and complained until they got exactly what they asked for (non-void skin, blond hair and blue eyes.)

If it worked for them, it can work for other things.


No, but a better way is when life gives you lemons, then make lemonade, just saying.

They’re not really void elves at that point, are they? But hey, people get cosmetic surgery all the time.

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Except, it should’ve never happened. Void Elves can now look just like Blood Elves. I’d thought they were supposed to look like they infused void energies, just saying. Blizzard should just let them be paladins, but then strictly adhere to the light/void thing, and that way those new void elf paladins would have to be constantly healing in order to not die.

Good thing this is a video game.

I’m not convinced they are at this point. It’d take a screenshot or a video to even begin to believe it’s in there considering the crap Blizzard pulled with nuking it from orbit in the rotation.


Shoulda woulda coulda they did it anyways. They also gave us Classic when they said for over 10 years it wasn’t going to happen. Tauren Rogues too.

Longboi wasn’t a test of skill and it shouldn’t have been a limited time event. It was a “skill” to buy tokens or farm a crap ton of herbs.


Tauren Rogues are on the same plain of existence as Gnome Hunters, just saying.

Why was it removed from the vendor anyways? Don’t remember them ever removing mounts from vendors before. Never cared to have the bruto mount anyways, but it did seem to be a decent gold sink mount for the gold farmers.

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Don’t hate me but I bought the Tundra Mammoth early in WotLK, I used to park it just outside of Naxx so raiders could get repairs.
The Yak I got on day one of the expansion, I used the water strider and ran all the way to the top of the map and worked down.
I would have bought the Bruto on day one except I thought that there was a discount from being exalted with the Proudmores (speculative reporting from the PTR).

The gold sink mounts are known before the expansion arrives and you can plan ahead. Missing the boat for an entire two-year expansion bears little sympathy from me.

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Sure, so how many of those prior to Bruto were removed at the end of an expansion?

Better yet, how many times has Blizzard ever stated upfront (including Bruto), at the launch of an expansion, that a gold sink mount was going to be removed at the end of it, so that people could properly sail your “two-year” boat you speak of?

Answer to both questions: 0.


you could request it for 6 years and that wont happen, they gave people their chance to own it the easy way, now time’s up and the BMAH is where you gotta go.


If everyone had a Long Boi Auction house mount the servers would probably explode with everyone accessing it wherever they are. At least i bet thats what Blizzard thinks, will it? probably not.