My 6-month request to return AH Brutosaur to vendor

they cant even prevent lag with World Bosses, of course it would lag the servers. XD

Watch out for the nerds who have to be sPeCiaL and will throw a fit for it to come back or anything else that was time sensitive 🫠

It should be brought back.


Accept the reality that you can’t go back in time and buy a thousand Bitcoin. That’s my recipe for peace. The brutosaur mount grind was quite difficult when it happened. Blizzard announced it’d be unavailable well in advance. Why can’t we accept that we missed the window of opportunity?


5 million gold is way too much for a mount. Should have been 5k

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LOL you mean like the nerds who throw a fit to bring things back?

Pot meets kettle and argues over who’s the biggest dweeb.


Actually it is

I wish I could go see blizzcon in person but that event may never come back

Do I demand blizzard to bring it back or I throw a tantrum on the floor? No

Do I expect Blizzard to continue to follow Californias standard’s with their COVID rules (if that may be the case not all states lowered their rules) which may be the reason why Blizzcon isn’t back yet? yes


If you call pulling out that ole credit card, and buying a bunch of wow tokens to buy a mount work. Which I’m willing to bet most of the people that got the ah mount did just that lol.

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Should never have been removed.


I would never save up/buy it. But the removing stuff irks me.

I remember when I got my yak for the tmog vendor, I couldn’t afford it when “current”.(well, actually, can’t remember exactly when I bought it or if it was current but I do remember struggling to buy it) Was so glad it didn’t get removed


If they bring that back they should bring back everything else they’ve removed. Period. I bet a lot of people who have old things that no longer exist in the game aren’t even playing anymore.


Idk man I think removing content from the game from completely arbitrary reasons is not a good look.

IIRC the mount was not initially stated that it would only be available for a limited time from the vendor when BfA came out, and it wasn’t until around 8.3 that it was announced it would not stay.

To this day I don’t know the exact reason for doing it, as 5 mil gold is a hefty amount just for a mount and it’s unlikely many people would have it even in a few years from now.


Accepting things outside of your control is one thing, accepting things that were changed that you don’t like but have the power to actually change it back is different.


throwing a fit and raging on the forums is not the ability to “change things”


Tell that to Void Elf players


And Classic players.


who’s to say there won’t be other Ah mounts in future expansions?

one might even be a solo quest reward. That’ll stick it to the elitists!!

I never understood why people wanted it in the first place.

By the time a lot of people flip the auction house enough to be able to afford it, they’re pretty much living there anyways.

I understand the whole convenience aspect, but the amount of time saved really never added up for me to consider it worth buying.

That being said, I hope that Blizzard brings it back so that people who want it can buy one.


While you’re at it Blizzard………

Lord/Lady of War title account wide.

Thank you,

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hey blizzard if you bring back Brutosaur than might as well bring back Mage Tower appearance for everyone else.


Also wish they would do this for UBRS, Scholomance, and other dungeons they have removed over the years or gutted.

Also would be cool if they could do it for the entire old world to shift it back to a Classic Vanilla zones (flying disabled because couldn’t fly).