Multiple wow accounts

Hi, I have 2 purchased wow accounts on the one battle net account.

If I activate both would I be able to access them at the same time?
I’m asking because I can only log in to my battle net account on one computer at a time. Making me assume that if I could use both wow accounts on 2 different computers I would need to use the wow launcher instead of the battle net launcher, but i’m just wanting to confirm.

I’m not at my game computer right now, so forgive me for not having the exact answer, but the Battlenet launcher does have an option to allow you to launch multiple instances at the same time from what I remember. I know for sure that you can access both of your accounts at the same time.

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Yes, you may. You’ll only be able to log into a single instance of the account at a time, but you can have multiple WoW licenses on that active. So you could log into WoW1 and WoW2, either on the same computer or two different ones.

Keep in mind that only the registered user of the account should be accessing it. With the exception that the registered user may allow one minor child, that they are the parent or legal guardian of, to access the account.


There’s a launcher option to shut down the launcher after starting a game which will ensure that you only have either one or no instances of the launcher active.


ok just to be clear … i can run two accounts of wow on the same computer at the same time so as i can play both my toons together as it is so hard to get all i need to get flying in shadow lands and it will make it easier to help others to get there flying aswell plus i actually like playing two at once together… I dont have many friends … lol …

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Seeing that this thread is almost 2 years old, it would have been best to start a new thread.

Here’s a link to the most recent Multiboxing support article and announcement:


Yes. You can run two WoW licenses, that you are the registered user of, on the same computer.