Multiple groups abandoned due to no tanks. LFG is not working

Maybe if people didn’t just add 500g to the price of any boe that has defense on it or stopped jacking the price up on tank consumes you would have an easier time finding tanks… Tanks get bent over at the beginning of every expansion because our previous expansion tank gear is essentially useless. This is not the case with dps and, to a lesser extent, healers. Those blues/epics are dirt cheap and consumes are nothing to buy.

RDF would conjure two of my tank characters for at least 10 runs a day. I won’t play the game till they add RDF. Also the heroic lockout without RDF is a huge problem with the tank shortage. I’m sure there are tanks out there that would run more runs but just can’t. RDF solves that problem as well. I AM KRUMTOILET!!!


I just can’t believe you… Last night I just achieved level 70 and was insta invited to AN, then the nexus (I have literally pieces of gear from lvl 60s) nothing lvl 70… As a healer…(didnt even struggle in healing on that gear) dungeons are EASY and made for questing blue/greens…

And I’m not on a “mega server” (windseeker)

Never ever waited more than 10 minutes forming a group, even late late night…

I’m not. People can still get groups. Nothing is stopping them.

Exactly why they shouldn’t release it (again). It was a bad choice then, it’s magnified the toxicity in this community, and it will just contribute to the same terrible patterns again. As mentioned before, it would be awesome for the community as a whole if the people who feel they need this so much lost interest and left. Wrath, as released, is an excellent version of the game and it will thrive.

Pretending to know the numbers is a waste of time. Not that they matter, but pretending its a “majority” one way or another doesn’t matter. Someone who does hard drugs would love more of them. It doesn’t mean its good for them to get them.

See i dont like this because we are not gatekeeping the game, Gatekeeping implies we are activly keeping people out, and we are not, we are just asking people to play the game as we like it and if they dont like it, go some hwere else.

I have often explained how you keep a hobby and a game healthy and what GOOD gatekeeping is, because there is a good amount of gate keeping.

Imagine you have a garden, and you really like this garden, you spend a lot of time in it, you plant what you like and you invite your friends over, and they plant thing that you all like as well.
You have a sign at the front of your garden, it says
“All are welcome to are garden please dont step on the flowers thank you.”
We invite everyone and anyone who wants to walk through and enjoy our garden, but no everyone likes gardens and thats ok, this is not for them, we dont tell them they cant come, and we are not upset if they dont like it.

The porblem comes when someone comes into the garden and starts stepping on teh flowers, we dont like that, this is not were you do that. Then the person says, well i dont like gardens we should plant potatos instead of flowers.

Good gate keeping is telling that person, this is a flower garden, not a potato garden, you can do that somewhere else if you like but not here, then that person gets very upset that we are enjoy our flower garden the way we are and not the way they want.

Thats the kind of person you want to keep out, thats that kinda of gate keeping that IS good.

Its good to invite everyone to the garden and let them experience it, but gardens are not for everyone and thats fine, we just ask they dont ruin it for us.

There was another quote when they origionally announced no rdf as well, but here is a more recent one.

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Gotcha, and that makes sense. It’s always a value call — the determining factor is which aspect the developers want to maximize:

Raw numbers of people in dungeons


Immersion, satisfaction, etc and so forth

For myself, the immersion and the…world ’feel’ is most important. I find RDF to be impersonal and to perpetuate a worse overall game experience.

True. Not worth the cost, imo.

I dunno, maybe it should be relevant since I frequently come across people saying they’re on oceanic servers playing at 4:69 AM server time on a low pop server and demanding that /everyone’s/ game get changed to accommodate their poor decision.

I am not on a megaserver. We have pug tanks and heals all the time. This is…ridiculously untrue.

You absolutely do not have to be on a megaserver. EVERY server we have is larger than any server anyone ever had in OG Wrath. All of them.

I have no queue, and we pug heroics constantly while we wait for guildies who have not finished leveling to reach 80. Those guildies pug constantly in leveling dungeons.

How badly are you treating your tanks on those megaservers that you have to wait 30+ minutes for one to join your dungeon group?


It’s not hard for me to believe. Even if I am able to instantly get in groups on my rogue for all dungeons except Gundrak. Because my rogue is on Faerlina. and max level. For leveling my low level characters though I have difficulty finding groups. And if hes not on a mega server like Faerlina he could be experiencing his claims at max lvl. He is partially to blame if you misunderstood for not precising for what content he has trouble finding group and which realm he’s on. But you are also responsible for assuming the information you didn’t have.

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this LFG tool is the same level of stupid next to manually creating a /4 message and spamming for hours. RDF may seem stupid but it did work better than whatever this is.

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why are you assuming this is the case? For all you know, the tanks/healers are probably are just not wanting to run the content because they got what they wanted.

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I suspect that a lot of you would actively keep people out if you could.

I mean, I guess this isn’t gatekeeping in the most literal sense. However “do it this way or leave” is pretty darn close.

Now I agree with your analogy about gatekeeping. However, I don’t think it applies in this case. It more like you have your flower garden. People come and they enjoy it. But there are some people who want to grow potatoes. They can’t because you have your flowers there, and they shouldn’t. Then, a new space is cleared, so they say “hey, we can grow potatoes over there”. Then you come back with “no that’s ours too”. You already have your garden, and it’s beautiful. But now, you’re telling the people who want to grow potatoes that they can’t grow them because you want to use the new space for flowers. We just want to have our potatoes, and you guys say “this entire world (of warcraft) is my garden until the very end of time”. Like, come on, man. Let me grow some potatoes.

RDF isn’t just one realm - it’s all of them and greatly increases the player pool. Not hard to grasp that. I already explained all the rest. You are put in a queue instead of hoping you’ll be able to refresh fast enough to grab that healer or tank that just listed. Or not be accepted to existing groups because there’s already a pally/hunter/mage etc. that want a specific item and don’t want to compete for it.

You don’t get turned down, you don’t miss tanks/healers/dps listing, and you don’t have to babysit the damn thing.

Because I’ve played this game with a healer main for 15 years. It’s an extremely educated assumption to make.

thast the point of gate keeping though, its to keep people off the flowers we like, and the people stepping on the flowers are basically the ones runing around going “Well your flowers suck our flowers are better we plant potatos now and if you dont oike it YOU are the porblem.”
Thats how you get a hobby/game to die, because the people who enjoyed it and build it, and formed the community are being told they are wrong.

The garden is open to everyone, just plays stay off the flowers and if you dont like the garnden or wanna plants ometehing else, just go to another garden so we can all be happy.

But again my anology works, because its a flower garden, not a potato garden, if they wanted to plant flowers we would see about that, but potatos are not a pretty garden flower.

I literally payed the se cong month of sub yesterday night…and I was lvl 20 when I returned… and worst. I was on “azuresong” super low populated servers (aprox 120 hordes) still doing dungeons every day… Transfered to a mid (3kH/3kA) at lvl 40 and STILL leveling… And STILL doing dungeons every now and then, when I feel like, and not waiting more then 10 minutes… (not in a “dead server” nor in a “mid” will be desd" servrr"

But what I’m trying to get you to see is that Classic and TBC are the flower garden. You’re actively taking from us to give to yourselves. Like I said, a clearing was made where we could plant potatoes, but you’ve claimed that for yourselves too. And what’s worse, the clearing originally had potatoes on it. But nope, you want it to be a part of your flower garden when we could both have what we want.

OK. ive played for as long as you have and if you want to go that route… its definitely going to be the case of tanks and healers got what they wanted and are waiting for raids right now… im not saying you’re wrong because there is a possibility that the OP could be “abusing tanks” but lets not put our playtime into arguments.

Because the potato planter is not a flower planter, they are someone who wants something else out of the garden. The garden is for people who like flowers and plant flowers.

If you want to plant vegitables, this is not the place to do it, many of the people in the garden like potatos, but we dont want them in the flower garden, put them else where.

Didn’t they make changes to how covenants work in Shadowlands? Didn’t they also make some changes during BFA? Heck, if you go back far enough, they said they wouldn’t be nerfing the heroics in Cata, only to nerf them into the ground 10 days later. They’re a business. If things get bad enough financially, they’ll change things.