Multiboxing seems like an unfair advantage

You seem upset.

Would a hug help, friend?

Im not upset. I just proved a point and you cant handle it.

All I am asking for is one, just ONE single link of a single multiboxer in the entire world doing any of that difficult stuff that I listed above that none of them have ever done. If it is indeed such an advantage, then there should be at least one who has done most, if not all of that stuff that I listed. So… I’ll await your link.

You’re the one who is getting upset here. You keep going out of your way to dodge my request and actually post a link of a single multiboxer who has done all or even any of that stuff which would indeed prove them to be at an advantage. if they have. All I have said is please get back to me when you have found a single multiboxer who has done all or any of that stuff while multiboxing.

Yea so I am guessing you recently came across that low level human warrior who was multiboxing 4 toons. He either quit or was banned. Because I have not seen him in a while. And also, if it is such an advantage, then why has that guy never made it past level 10 when there has been more than enough time for him to be at 60 right now.

And you are just another Glinda alt here. You are who you are. You really do go out of your way to start an argument with anyone here who will bite. Your rogue Gilnda and your warlock Evilglinda are your other two alts you post on the most though.

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Wow dude… You… really cracked the code here. How did you do it?

I know this is beating a dead horse at this point but… So you really DON’T have any idea what you’re talking about because you apparently “havent multiboxed at all in classic.”

And for what it’s worth, I ran a 5 box team using ISboxer with clickthrough’s right up until it was banned and actually dual boxed my first two classic characters to 60 using LidC. On the same server as Prepared and Jerome. So I DO know what I’m talking about… And it’s absolutely an advantage…
TLDR: Take a seat and go sleep it off dude

Edit: Receipts going back 3 years. Specifically, me telling Prepared hes ruining multi-boxing for everyone else.

Where’s that leaderboard?
Official WoW one … I sincerely doubt this.

Na. I multiboxed a lot. Prepared ruined it for everyone else. he sat there spawn camping entire zones for hours on end. I multiboxed in original Vanilla WoW. I used Pwnboxer. I had a guild named that in TBC Classic as well. And also Octopus which is a free version. No reason to not bring it back. Could do it just as single group boxing no raid boxing.

Also 10% positive that this thread only exists because there is a MB player on the Defias server. I told him it was against the rules now and he claimed not to know that. Not everyone reads the forums and many dont check the WoW news and updates so very possible he did not know… but he continued to do it ever after I told him so he got his warning that it could get him into trouble.

Thats why this thread exists randomly out of the blue cuz here is one in HC right now. a Night elf guy who never makes it past level 10.

And also… I kinda think that this thread here… is a direct result of that… just my theory. Cuz the guy kept doing it even after I told him and a couple others were as well, he said were his friends.

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I dunno what y’all are even discussing.

You just seem a little frothy, is all.

No duh.

You will never change an anti boxers mind. They are like flat earthers or conspiricy theorists who believe Buzz Aldrin never set foot on the moon.

Even if you explain how multiboxing is done they still stick to their uninformed, cookie cutter beliefs. Waste of time engaging with them.


Multiboxing has always been cheating.

Seeing pathetic warriors with priests on follow healing them and thinking they’re doing anything at all besides killing time. They’re bypassing what hc is by making sure they can’t die.

Multiboxers are people who played warcraft 3 by putting in greedisgood at start of game.

I’m pretty sure the only people who have a problem with multiboxing are people that are either too poor or have severe physical disabilities preventing them from being able to move a mouse.

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Correct. It’s just another form of pay to win. Same excuses.

Seems like a bait post. Anyone knows that automation of class mechanics is bannable. People should also know that multiboxing with key software isn’t tolerated anymore as well.

If the guy is just tabbing out and healing his own character it’s totally fine.

Have you ever multi-boxed. It isn’t unfair. the fact you think both his toons will make it to 60 is laughable. If you are truly multiboxing with macros and keybinds it is 100 legal and harder than how you are leveling. So maybe stop trying to grief someone following the rules and go back to just minding your own.


HAHA… Blizz has even stated it is not cheating as long as no outside software is involved. These forums are full of some many clueless trolls. You play the game, learn the rules!

I love watching multi-boxers missing the joke as getting bent out of shape.

OK, thats sounds pretty pathetic but you do you man. :wink:

Would a hug help, friend?

Sorry I’m not sure what you’re trying to say.

Broadcasting key presses to multiple windows is what is not allowed anymore.

I wasn’t arguing that round robin window focus wasn’t a form of automation. It very clearly is, I just don’t understand the relevance.

Your work history also , uhhm okay?

You know you don’t even need to alt tab? All it takes is a low end computer and a num pad for a 2nd system. Classic is easy enough you could make all your macros & just fit in on a usb num pad on second computer - don’t really even need a full mouse / keyboard /monitor

Nothing there would be against the rules for a dual box and using only stuff in WoW’s toolkit. You would prob even be using less than most raiders use

Assist (include wand attack or auto attack with a pally)
Target - heal
Interact with target (though this might be a lil difficult for quest turn ins)
Jump (to keep 2nd from going afk)

No automation.
No key mirroring sw or hw.

Just one person running 2 characters how Blizzard says it’s ok to do.