Multiboxing - NEW TOS

I am

Only one mouse, one keyboard :slight_smile:


Again, how are you defining trolling?

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I understand you don’t understand how alt-tabbing works. But seriously, it makes you sound extremely unsophisticated not knowing that the game’s windows can be resized or that people use multiple monitors.

Blizzard should just add a “multiboxing server”. A server where you can legally multibox but any other server would not be allowed. If multiboxers want to players, sure but do it where most of us wont be affected. Sounds like the perfect compromise.

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That was already mentioned in this thread and shot down because they only like playing in a community they have an advantage over.

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People like you prevent people like me from being able to make gold. You tank prices in the AH with your selling power making it impossible for someone like me to enjoy the game without buying gold with tokens.

You cause inflation.
You use pay-to-win mechanics to get an unfair advantage.

You are a massive problem.

You should have been banned a long time ago. Multiboxing should never have been allowed to go on for this long.


There are many ways to create and run VMs. Paid options like VMWare Workstation, Free options like Virtual Box, or Linux options, which include both the preceding, and KVM based solutions. I’ve run VMs for many years using all of the methods I’ve mentioned and others as well.

I’m still multi-boxing 2 accounts, was boxing three but decided to drop one account. If it becomes irritating doing the way I’m doing it now I may try VMs. It will depend on how much I play. Right now I’m only playing a few hours a week.

P.S. And except for the KVM based soutions the others are available on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

A goat it is, let us munch on things.

OP is upset they may be banned for doing something against the TOS and is trying to justify why they should not be banned, but while it’s OK for everyone who is doing the same thing can be banned.

They want an advantage that no one else is allowed to have.

Show me some hardware that allows you to replicate input broadcasting software behavior, and I’ll show you hardware that’s banned.

That’d be impossible unless that hardware can morph into software temporarily :rofl:
I can show you hardware that can do hardware broadcasting though :smiley:


Less friendly fire, more targeting the circular nonsense.

I’m glad I have fresh new friends to chat with on the forums :slight_smile:

I wonder what happened to the other guys :thinking:

This is exactly what it is. A little bit of that mixed with selective reading and inference. It’s pretty simple. Blizzard did not say hardware. That’s a fact. Blizzard also doesn’t have to follow their own tos. They banned the software because it promotes botting AND automation. If the automation was the botting why did they add that and immediately start talking about key broadcasting afterwards. Just because they didn’t specifically say don’t use another method to get the same result we don’t want you to do doesn’t mean they are ok with you doing it.

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You’re right, I selected to read “no other restrictions have been announced regarding hardware” :rofl:


If Blizz wants to ban hardware boxxing in some way then they can :man_shrugging:

We can cross that road when we get there but they haven’t yet

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You left out the part where it goes on to say

Keyboards/mouse macros and functionality, assuming they work within our policies (i.e. do not use the keyboard macro to do something beyond what our in-game macro could do)

Thus proving my point. You aren’t reading the whole thing just snippets that support what you want to hear.

And what does that have to do with anything?

Don’t answer, I already know what you’re going to say. I’ll say it for you then reply and we can save some time.

Rooted: If a macro can’t do it then don’t do it

They aren’t talking about hardware broadcasting they are talking about macros that automatically perform an action

You don’t consider a keyboard that can control multiple accounts more than what the in game macros can do?

If you use a multiplexer they’re going to ban you for it.

See my edit

If you say so, care to link me to that policy?


No they are talking about hardware and how it functions.