Multiboxing - NEW TOS

No, they didn’t. Multiboxing without using keycloning is unaffected by this rule change.

who multiboxes the forums my dude? you are a mob of angry people whining about boxers. where is your pearl clutching over boosts which hurts the economy more?

No it wouldn’t. This is just like the people who think they are entitled to play on low pop servers in perpetuity so they can have everything for themselves. This is an MMO, and it’s built around the community aspect.

That sums up the guys defending multiboxing perfectly. Ignore the anything that tells you no so you can focus on semantics.

Two words: Class Envy.

Nothing else needs said on the matter.

Well I mean, who determines what size the community has to be?

No changes to hardware

Rooted: Semantics!

I hope they ban hardware boxing as well. And yes, it can be detected by coordinated movement. Even if you go and add delays, it can be detected. I think they just started with broadcast software to dissuade people and ease into it, but it’s very clear what the spirit of the policy is and in time I bet we end up there.

Forum arguments in a nutshell, really.

Armchair lawyers, well - less of an armchair, more like a broken futon - anyway, those types getting hung up on minute details that don’t matter, desperately clinging to whatever shreds of their poor, misinformed arguments remain in order to justify awful opinions that are widely mocked by the majority of players.

That’s my theory too! Blizz just doesn’t want average players doing it. So unless you are willing to put forth the effort into a multiple PC setup you won’t be MB

Did you read the op? This thread was created by a multiboxers crying about how he pays more than anyone else to play the game and should be able to do what he wants. Also, I agree with the boosts thing.

spirit of the policy was… to combat BOTTING. they could’ve hit every form of boxing at once and made it illegal if they had wanted to. they didn’t. boxing is still fine. it doesn’t matter if it hurts your feelings.

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“The focus of the announcement yesterday was prohibiting Input Broadcast Software, no other restrictions have been announced regarding hardware”

Zhanli: minute details


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I wish I could describe your intelligence the way I want to.

All such comments are very positive and friendly, I can assure you.

Popcorn? I have an empty seat right here.

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That’s why it’s important for them to remember that blizzard doesn’t have to follow the tos. They can ban you for any reason at any time. You aren’t protected by a certain interpretation of wording.

Well, there’s this youtuber who is prominently displaying how cool he is for skirting the rules:

That’s still multi-boxing, you can’t control 5 accounts at once without external software to mirror keystrokes. It’ll also mean that instead of just having those accounts banned they’ll now investigate you and make sure you’re perma’d.


Write me a sonnet in Pandaren

That guy is an idiot and is gonna get banned


Why? It’s not technically software, isn’t that what you said?

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