Multiboxing - NEW TOS

Not quite, though that is a valid issue now that you bring it up.

1: The new “five tap” herbs are a recent, direct boost to multiboxers, which makes their presence far more notable than it was before Legion.

2: Azsharan Herbs - For the first time as far as I can remember, all of our herbs for all of our potions come from one pretty small zone that is easy to scour as a multiboxer. Coupled with the issue outlined above, this makes the presence of multiboxing herbalists far more noticeable than it was before.

There is absolutely no reason to be multi-boxing unless you’re planning to farm gold, items, etc. Assuming you’re deceiving anyone (which is exactly what a bad actor would do), there’s too many too many servers and by extension players in both classic and retail that have suffered. So in all due respect, you can stop multi-boxing before they perma ban you.

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those 40 boomkin you see farming that and stealing all of “your” nodes? those are BOTS. no multiboxer i know (and god forbid people have friends, amirite?) wastes their time out there because of the BOTS.

Bots are an issue, but you’re a bad liar if you’re going to tell me not a single multi-boxer does this.

Please continue making this point though, it’ll end poorly for you.

I won my match!

They specifically say “no changes to hardware” so what could be done before can still be done since “no changes” which means hardware multiboxing :+1:

This way not new. It’s practically ancient history now. They did it because single tap nodes were hurting you. It had nothing to do with multiboxers.

Except I rarely saw multiboxers there. I used to pick them when I saw them. The issue that the respawn rate was nerfed hard and multiboxers were blamed.

i said “no boxer i know.” do you think i have a million friend friends list limit or something? argue something else i didn’t say.

In your opinion.


Yeah, but it indirectly benefitted them. Do you dispute this?

I saw them all the time, anecdotes are fun.

They are absolutely part of the issue. Whatever scarce resources existed were made scarcer. This should not be difficult to understand.

If you aren’t using broadcast software you aren’t skirting the rules.

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Apparently the player to whom you are responding neither farms gold or items, and doesn’t think anybody else should have them.

Multiboxing is not bannable.

Sorry to burst your bubble.

if someone made outlandish claims about why people raid or whatever these people would literally lose their minds and spam report it, but think it’s okay for them to tell people what their intentions are for things they don’t even do.

And if a all wow client run on a virtual machine, than your keyboard will control them all.

Impossible for the to tell the difference between a normal os and a vm.

One of the arguments made recently for banning multiboxing is that there will be so many false reports that investigators will be unable to keep up with them, so ban multiboxing now.

I think everyone knows what he meant.

Very few people think of setting a zombie alt account on follow while your main account does all the fighting and traveling as ‘multiboxing’ now.

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You are ignoring the

and automated gameplay

Key broadcasting is what the software does and them targeting it while saying this means they have decided key broadcasting is automated gameplay which is and has been against tos for a while. Don’t forget what it says after that either.

The use of input broadcasting software that mirrors keystrokes to multiple WoW game clients will soon be considered an actionable offense.

The rules are clear on what isn’t allowed: broadcast software.

Nothing else the OP posted is against any rules.

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It’s a lot easier to detect a cheating multiboxer than it is to spot a (well made) bot.