Multiboxing - NEW TOS

Is there a mind-reading program that will reveal who is rp-ing and who is not? Is it based on your transmog expenditures?

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Oh, so you think if you do the same thing with a different method, it’s going to be kosher.

That’s just precious.

You’ll still get banned, if the behavior they are trying to stop gets replicated another way through a technicality, you’re not going to get away with the same behavior through a different method.

Again, you lost. Run along.

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Glad they finally are clamping down on cheaters at least a little bit. Hopefully they continue this trend. Ban em all I say.

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People defending multiboxing always use this argument. They never said they made the change to solve a botting problem. They are targeting multiboxers.


You’ll be able to tell, because it will look like a group of multiple people that only moves one at a time yet sticks in a tight pack the entire time and moves all the same way because it’s one single boring human playing them all like the bot they are.

“The focus of the announcement yesterday was prohibiting Input Broadcast Software, no other restrictions have been announced regarding hardware”



Apparently not

That’s what I was talking about with showing their true colors. They aren’t cheaters but now that what they are doing is considered cheating they are trying to circumvent detection.

I dont care about your feelings. Learn to play with others in a mmo

Go ahead and try it then, we’ll see how that pans out.

I know, it’s adorable how their arguments fall apart under scrutiny.

There is no circumventing, before software people hardware boxxed, software was banned so back to hardware

Panning out well so far

It’s hilarious that you think that you can tell just by looking at someone whether they do rp or not.

Yes, because otherwise they would ban multiboxing outright.

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At the latest meeting with shareholders, Activision Blizzard CEO Robert “Bobby” Kotick said that Pre - orders for the Shadowlands expansion are record breaking , and at this very moment, about twenty days after launch, it appears to be the most booked add-on in World of Warcraft history, 16 years long. People come back and play I guess.

Yeah that’s fine though, through circumventing bans with these loopholes, blizzard will understand how to adjust the terms and continue to ban these cheating players.

They have taken a stance against multiboxing that enables controlling more than one character at a time without additional keypresses. Doesn’t matter if you use blizzard in-game macros to enable an exploit or cheat, loophole cheating is still cheating and will be punished if the same effect is accomplished. It’d be nice if we could fix the problem with cheaters in this game in one fell swoop, but it’s not that simple so it’s going to take some time for them to exhaust all their loophole cheats.

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I feel bad for the people who didn’t abuse the system by overpowering people in pvp and hogging the resource nodes, etc. I doubt anyone is jealous you have money to spend in large amounts on this game.
I think Blizzard should never have allowed the type of software multiboxer’s were using. It should have triggered a warning sign for them that many people believed was against the spirit of the rules of the game. I’m just sorry they took so long to decide this.
So before the software was available no one multiboxed?

What you are missing is the targeted software is designed specifically to allow you to push one button and have it go to multiple clients. It’s not like it’s some other function of the software in question. The intention of the change is clear but people keep trying to play lawyer with the wording of something blizzard doesn’t have to follow. Don’t be surprised when regardless of what the tos says you use hardware to keep doing the unwanted action and you get banned…

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If someone is controlling 5 characters individually at the same time for non-rp purposes out in the world, then why? They’re not progressing at a faster rate, there is no gain aside from making dungeon runs more efficient for transmogs and mounts. Who cares about that stuff though, it doesn’t impact the economy, and they’re not gaining any power at all. Just appearances.

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Don’t be surprised when I’m not :slight_smile:

Odd how they have to keep changing the criteria for what is a prepurchase, don’t you think? First day purchases in BfA were recordbreaking, too, thanks to the fact that for the first time they added in prepurchases to make them look better.

Prepurchasing is not an addon. Clearly you have no idea what an addon is.

And where did those 100 million missing players go, if nobody ever left?

Shadowlands prepurchases have been based purely on hype. A lot of people are going to be in for a rude shock when they find out the details of how it’s going to work.

No matter what false claims you feel the need to make to support your clearly false narrative.

No because there are people who have and play multiple accounts without having them all being played at the same time. People use warlocks to summon in classic for example. There are uses for having multiple accounts besides having them all cast on the same target at the same time.