Mount Up for the Northrend Cup!

Mount Up for the Northrend Cup!

Take to the skies of Northrend for a new dragonriding racing event!

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Ahh the blue version of the set! Arguable the best because its blue. I can’t wait to smash into the side of the icecream citadel.


Hmm… I’d find it rather funny if I got enough excess marks to not need to race this time. Although… I still could to stock up on marks for when they do…I think it’s the Pandaria cup later this year. Liking the blue set though, certainly a must have

Been waiting for this one to roll around. Hopefully I can live out my speeder bike dream of flying through the forest in Grizzly Hills.

Says 13 races, but only 12 are listed.

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Nice! Look forward to getting gold in all of the regulars then bronze in advanced and reversed, like always, lol! :smiley:


I’ve been looking forward to this cup for so long!

Excellent! Been waiting for the Northrend races!

Shouldn’t this reward the frosted tabard not the ruby one?

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Can’t wait!

Zoom, zoom, zoom!


Why can’t we complete these on our classic flying mounts? It isn’t fair that they keep pushing Dragonriding on players!

Sarcasm off. :crazy_face:

I am confused on how you get the transmogs

Cleared all the races in about an hour. There’s a few frustrating ones in there, but I feel they were easier than Outland’s races.

Grab the quest as mentioned in the article, this gives you a boost in currency, each race gives you currency, use that to buy the mogs.

I have to wonder whether Wowhead staff write articles for Blizzard as well, given how prone to errors they are. As mentioned, the article claims 13 races while only listing 12, and a ‘Manuscript of Endless Possibility’ is noted as a reward when that item doesn’t exist, instead being the Vial of Endless Draconic Scales.

Also no mention of the tabard reward.

This was corrected to 12. Good spotting and thanks!

Errors happen for a variety of reasons. We do our best to correct them as quickly as possible.

All of Storm Peaks and you put one single, mid-af circuit in it. Blizz plz…

I’m guessing its a level 70 requirement. I’m flying around and not seeing any of the race spawn points.

Someone mind clarifying or is this a bug or other because its pissing me off if there’s a requirement that blizzard failed to put in.

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I was waiting for this since the tabard was datamined, just beautiful color combination <3