Mount drop question

I haven’t seen any drop.

That’s very nice of you. Ya im hoping it still has a %chance at least. Especially with the amount of times we are all farming them for leggo spools.

I know pets still drop from rares. Haven’t seen any mounts though.

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I don’t think mobs drop of raid bosses… ive been doing tours almost every day and the math says I should of at least seen someone else get one as a drop by now.

I have no idea about world bosses or warbringers though.

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I havent seen any even from the raid groups ive been in… buuuut even the original droprates are still quite low in retail. The really low drop % mounts, i decided to buy 1 of them, but i dont want to spend all my coins if i can just farm out some of them.

In Remix, yes. But don’t forget that you can go pummel those same bosses on your Dragonflight characters.

A basic rule-of-thumb for Remix is: quests drop their original loot, but bosses do not.


Why? Like honestly why was this even implemented? If it’s easier to do it in retail why were they removed from remix?

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I assume Timeless Isle rares are a special case for this? I’ve gotten a few pets in Remix off of some of the ones that had them as drops. Wondering about other rare items on the Bigger Bag achievement like toys and the weather stones.

I think open world non-boss units are able to drop unique pets and such. Like the isle of giants and bones, and the pets and egg hatching mount.

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And what about the toys? The Champions of the Black Flame are insanely camped so I had assumed they must drop? Although 3 rares in one shot is nice too.

Rares do not drop their unique loot; toys like the Eternal Kiln, Ash-Covered Horn, or Battle Horn can drop because it’s shared between several different mobs.

The Champions are camped because all three drop threads/Remix items.

They literally don’t?


Indeed I’ve have anklebiters and eggs drop

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this is just not true.

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could you respond to the mountian of questions that players have about Remix, and not tell us stuff that we already know, or just is not true?

But you said this in April:
“On the other hand, Rare drops that are available in Dragonflight today, such as the Son of Galleon or the Astral Cloud Serpent, will drop in Remix and can be purchased by Remix characters using the Bronze currency.”


I’m gonna guess, based on what’s appeared in my bags along the way, that Kaivax doesn’t mean the original gear rewards, but stuff like toys and various other miscellaneous items that may be rewarded from quests.

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I was thinking the same thing. You do get some of the oddball toys and such from the remix quests, but no quest gear… it’s all randomized in the loot boxes.

this is also not the case. there is not one quest the rewards anything other than a infinte cache. anything like what you are talking about comes from dragonflight

Bonus question : Battle pets. I saw bufo earlier and tagged him. Would he have dropped the gulp frog pet?