Mount drop hotfix?

Or did we all just have the luckiest battle ever on my server? :slight_smile:

(this was for Doomwalker, the anniversary boss just outside the Caverns of Time)

edit: 17th Anniversary Drops Hotfixed

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Whole raid got mount! At least the one my wife was in just a minute ago.

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I just did it on 14 Toons an hour ago… so no

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I hope not lol

If its handed out no one will use it

I just got it, and over 10+ people after 1 kill

better not be fixed

It was fixed! It is 100% drop rate now.


Hope not, waiting to see a post by blizzard stating its 100%

I did 71 attempts between yesterday and today, i got it after 71 kils which means that a new player or a person with 1-2 characters maybe will miss the drop this year.

Nice rng :neutral_face:

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How do i get this mount?

You can find the Doomwalker boss spawning at the entrance to the Caverns of Time (there’s a portal directly there in the portal rooms of the capital). For now, there’s a good critical mass of people gathering that there’s little or no wait (participation will likely drop off in a few days, but perhaps the easy to reach location might keep it active)

It drops a mount (100% chance now), toy (100% chance now) and a few 220 items (somewhere around 15-20% chance of one)

same, killed 50 times after fix, no mount

its bad design to have a limited time mount to have a low drop rate. its not skill based, its luck based. so 100% drop is a good change in this instance.


Alot of mounts don’t get used shortly after getting them even if rare.


They put a post out saying the uped it to 100%

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


lmao RIP my brothers and sisters

You were just being a contrarian. Nothing more.

Be funny if they accidentally clicked get 100% your next farmed mount.

That’s right Attumen, one day :fist shake gif

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