Mount doesnt say any difficulty any more

Technically they did say a word.
It was on ptr as any difficulty

The patch went live and the achievement came with it and it still said any difficulty.

Because the season did not start, no one could get it.

Someone asked if any included lfr, and a blue said no.

Lots of people pushed back, and multiple days later they changed the achievement and didn’t say a word about it.

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I’ll admit I had my hopes up for thinking we’d surely get some communication over this, and that it woul settle the arguing.

Incredible. Anyone that can take a step back and see what is really going on should be amazed at how dumb a move this is. Right after stating otherwise. It’s like Blizzard hit you for 10 years, said it would never do it again, and it happened again in a month. The company is compromised by evil entities, and it’s clearly not changing at all.


To be fair, I am taking my offer back. I was not expecting someone to go so harsh on me for just pointing the information I had from In-Game. Ppl is being so intense here lol. Im still gonna help ppl if they ask. Im doing Hc/Mythic, so I can probably make a few Normal runs.

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You’re going to help somebody out in heroic? Yea, sorry I don’t buy that, and I don’t buy your little victim show here.

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But they did clarify it.

That’s what started this whole thing in the first place. What more clarifying do you need?

Did anyone post on the CC forums regarding this? Just curious since you have a slightly less than 0% chance of getting responses there. Like the difference between Son of Galleon dropping versus Invincible.

Why was the achievement worded as any for months and months with no change even after being reported by Wowhead and making it to live servers for one.

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So you think that after adding an achievement that promised that a mount would be available on all difficulties and then changing the requirements a few days before launch isn’t apology worthy? Even after it was viewed as the only new content in the season for LFR players and less raid-inclined players and many continued their subscriptions for the event to obtain it? You’re acting like it’s a simple mistake when it was a pretty big deal in regards for content for a sizable chunk of the playerbase.

If you were a Heroic raider and blizz changed the achievement requirement for AoTC for the next raid to be exclusively for Mythic only just a few days before launch, would you not be upset and ask for answers?


THat’s how most normal people do it


Something like this? :thinking:


Honestly it would work on me


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Depends on who’s there. The first week we did LFR for Tier and on Halondrus 2/3 of the group was dead going into the last phase and we killed it anyway.

It could be any number of reasons. I’m not privy of the details.

That wasnt clarity.
That was muddying the water.

The achievement that stayed live for multiple days after said any difficulty.

If Dragonflight launches without Dragons, I’m sure these people will remain consistant with their rules for expectations for unreleased content.


That’s fine. Even though your offer was nice, I didn’t ask.

Btw, my initial reply to you wasn’t rude. I just linked you the official website. It wasn’t until you doubled down that I asked you if I was supposed to believe you or Blizzard’s official website. If that’s “harsh” then so be it.

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Yet y’all voted for a tree. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


No that was clarity. The question was : Can I get mount from LFR. Answer was : No… How much clearer did you need?

I’d wager fixing bugs and whatnot had more priority than what turns out to be a text oversight.

Hence why Blizzard should make a post about it…


I didnt. Theres a reason why i keep flaming blizzards communication with its playerbase.

That its now officially barred behind normal (which i dont agree with but thats whatever. Given the main issues) is one thing. The complete lack of communication as per usual another however.

Yeah a post 738 posts in, in a meanwhile 1250 posts long thread is really good communication. While the achiv ingame kept saying “any” until like half an hour ago. It should have been stated straight from the start after the achivs were visible ingame. And in the very least the moment after kaivax sent that post the ingame achivs should have been updated.

Excluding the Slime Cat from LFR is not Okay