Most players are Spanish?

What’s going on?

Can’t speak for other servers but everywhere I go I only see Spanish speaking people, why?

Did I mess up and pick Spanish as my language somewhere so it’s matching me with Spanish speaking?

I wanted to play the game with people who speak English so we can understand each other, that’s the fun in an MMO for me… aren’t we supposed to be on separate servers since different languages?

I can hardly find a non-Spanish speaking person now. No offense to them of course, but I only speak English so what gives?


I had a similar problem a few years back I think it was sharding.

I don’t really know although I no longer have global chat channels on so the problem could still exist.

but yeah I supposedly am on a English speaking server but there was a whole lot of not English speaking on it.

I mean I’m not one of those people that cares what language people speak but it is kind of a hindrance when you’re playing in MMO and you can’t interact with people.

Half of it’s likely Portuguese. Brazil has a sizable WoW population.


Why would Europeans play on NA?

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Same question

Brazilians speak Portuguese.


And yet arent themselves Portuguese

Oakspirit is likely right that it is sharding.

The Central and South America folks, as well as South East Asia (Oceanic) are included as part of the Americas Region. The SA servers are actually hosted in Chicago and can be included in sharding to meet population level goals. The computer does not care what language someone speaks. It just cares that the servers are flagged to be sharded together.

Very few do, but some have friends they play with. In this case, Americas includes Central and South America where Spanish and Portuguese (Brazil) are the dominant languages.

They were up until they weren’t … it’s complicated.

Anyway, the Treaty of Tordesillas was supposed to award the Americas to Spain and Africa to Portugal, but a quirk of geography led to a bit of South American coastline poking into Portugal’s side of the line. They took the ball and ran with it, which is how we got a Portuguese-speaking country in South America.


Are we British?

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And Scottish, and Irish, and Iroquois, Sioux, German, French, Italian, Polish, Mexican, Indian, Hungarian, Vietnamese… It’s complicated.

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Citizenship isn’t

I can only play in the early AM and then after 7pm PST. Early AM it’s all Rags, Quel, and Azralon groups in the group finder. It just depends on when you play I suppose.

Tell that to my brother, born on a USAF base in Germany, who had an amazing amount of paperwork completed on his behalf before he could legally enter the US in 1965.


El universo te dice que aprendas español amigo :dracthyr_love_animated:


…ok. But people born in Brazil arent Portuguese.

careful, post like this could get you called a racist

Perhaps it’s the time of day that you log on, and how you’re grouped with the servers.

OP is on Tich. Tich is the official unofficial Mexican server. Mexicans are majority Spanish speaking. No one at Blizz designated Tich to be Mexico’s server, but several big Mexican guilds congregated there and it has snowballed over the years. If you wanna be on Tich sized server with more English speakers, recommend A52 or Illidan.


They used to be a Portuguese colony, which is why they speak Portuguese. That is not the same as saying that they are currently Portuguese.

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