Most players are Spanish?

The title of this thread is “Most players are Spanish?” Im asking why Europeans would be on NA servers.

I mean, they kinda ran the world for a while. I bet most of us have a little spanish decent in the blood.

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I’m going to take a guess that what you think is Spanish is actually Portuguese.


It’s amazing how many don’t know history.

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Lol what? I’ve been playing on Tich for years and have never seen this.

Tich trade and general chat is 100% English

Tich trade is 100% respectfully ESL. It is listed as EN server, and Mexicans are respectful.

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Curse those Ragnaros pvp players… :rage:

Yeah idk. I’ve never seen this on Tich.

I’m sure there are Spanish guilds on every server. Doesn’t make it an “unofficial official spanish server”

Wha? I’ve never seen anything but English on Tich Trade. Trust me. Sometimes you wish they were talking a different language so you can’t understand the drivel that comes out of that channel.

Best solution: Learn Spanish


are you on a spanish speaking server or do you play only at weird hours?

i know if i play too late and the sun is about to rise up only OCE groups show up lol

there was a time where this game was so popular that it felt like there was the same amount of activity at anytime but nowadays you can feel the weird hours :stuck_out_tongue:

game def not as healthy as it once was.

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¿Dónde está la biblioteca? Me llamo es Snikrot La araña discoteca. Discoteca, muñeca, la biblioteca es en gran bigote, perro, manteca. Manteca, bigote, grande, pequeño. La cabeza es el helado, La cerveza es buena. Buenos días, me gustan las papas frías. La cabra bigote es Cameron Diaz!


You know wow and mmos are not only for us lol, and even in us there are people who speak other languages


Google Translates to
“The universe tells you to learn Spanish friend”


I only see Spanish when Frostmourne Groups with Ragnaros.

Why doesn’t blizzard just add a text translator, auto translates all languages to your default.

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As population tanks youll be sharded with the remaining population to simulate activity. Better brush up on your spanish for the long haul.

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Who you trying to get crazy with ese? Don’t you know I’m loco?

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“Where is the library? My name is Snikrot The disco spider. Disco, doll, the library is in big mustache, dog, butter. Butter, mustache, big, small. The head is ice cream, The beer is good. Good morning, I like cold potatoes. The mustache goat is Cameron Diaz”

| players are Spanish?

No, I think very few players are actually from Spain.

Depends when you play, but yeah early/mid -day a large portion of key groups seem to be Brazilian, the other portion is mostly OCE but that’s normal.

Not sure why since they’re on roughly the same timezone as me. Higher unemployment rates maybe?

Not like its being an issue, most people doing higher keys seem to at least understand english functionally.

I would actually like to learn Spanish as a 3rd language sometimes (i know people in Brazil speak Portugese but i imagine you can roughly understand it if you speak spanish?).

Brigadão, amigão!

(I hope Google was right. :worried:)