Morning Mayhem<Stormrage> : Afternoon raiding team

Hello one and all,

As being part of a cutting-edge Mythic raid group I got very tired of the stress and headaches of leading a mythic group. Video games were not only supposed to be challenging but fun. Developing a social aspect became what this game was all about. Making long and lasting friendships and looking forward to getting online and playing a game together. Well, Morning Mayhem has done just that! A guild that has been around for over 10+ years has now made WoW fun again for me. Although the guild started off as a morning raiding guild it has now expanded to 2 (AoTC) raid groups with a wonderful afternoon group in which while we are focused, we do have a blast! We are currently looking for exceptional healers and dps (melee).
Insane Minions raiding times:
Wednesday 1400 to 1600 EST
Thursday 1400 to 1600 EST
Raid Lead Lethal#6805 (Discord)

Thank you for your consideration. We do supply Cauldrons and Feasts, but do ask for a gold donation (200) at the beginning of each raiding day. We also have several people that get groups together and run keys.

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Awesome response thanks all, still recruiting

Wanted. Volunteers for hazardous adventures…
Low wages (well we pay for flasks). Often Dark and dangerous.
Long hours of complete frustration.
Rewards doubtful. (Thanks Blizz)
Honor and recognition and our GM’s eternal love. (honest)
We can guarantee fun and shenanigans.

Awesome group!

Season 4 about to begin

Are both raid teams recruiting? I was wondering what the other team’s days/times are if there is another? 1400 EST is just an hour before I get off work

Now recruiting for all raid times and putting together a core team for Dragonflight.

Come join the fun

i hit u up on discord

Still recruiting for DF if anyone is interested.

sent a friend request on discord have couple of questions i like to ask if you don’t mind

I also sent a request on discord. I’m interested in the raids

Hey is your afternoon team looking still?