More race / class combos please!

Seeing the new 8 options by unlocking rogues, priests and mages is great. Awesome.

We need more!

Void elves and Nightborne should be able to play as demon hunters.

Make Forsaken and Void Elf “Dark Templar” paladins.

Finally let Worgen and Goblins be monks.

Night Elf paladins too (already in the lore. Plug and play)

Pandaren druids. Just think of the options! Guardian being a big fluffy panda bear.

Let’s go!


I forget exactly where the Q&A was, but I recall this was the exact reason they didn’t let them be druids, because a bear turning into a bear didn’t feel right. Now though, it is more normal for them to become another animal and Ox seems to be the most popular choice.


I think I’m getting the burnout people are talking about these days. I see the same posts every damn day now lol.

The worst part is that it tells you, as you’re about to post something, whether or not 50 other people have created the same thread


They already said more things are coming in the future. It’s not just a flip of the switch for some classes tho due to druid forms and totems being race specific and paladins having race specific paladin themed mounts

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Unlock all race/class combos at this point. As i’ve said before, they’ve already done multiple lore breaking additions to the race/class list, so may as well allow for more freedom and do a full unlock, even if it’s over a period of time and BS’ing up some more bogus lore on how a race can do a class now.


Agreed. I think all should be unlocked at this point.

I hope to see one day from them either giving us more combos or just dropping the race/class wall these options:

  • Highmountain Tauren Paladins - They worship An’she just like Thunder Bluff tauren.

  • Troll Paladins - Volj’in is the loa of kings now.

  • Zandalari Demon Hunters

  • Goblin Monks

  • Dwarf Druids (Wildhammer)

  • Gnome Shaman and Paladins (they have been around dwarves long enough to learn)

  • Kul Tiran Warlocks and Paladins

  • Night Elf Paladins (Moonwalkers)

  • Worgen Monks

  • Eredar Demon Hunters (the eredar are already part of the Illidari)

  • Panda Druids with Ox (guardian), Tiger (feral), Wind Serpent (flying), Crane (ground travel) and turtle (swimming) forms. For balance a green, wind serpent-humanoid form for Yulon. Smoky green in color, of course.


Very excited to see how they implement void elf paladins and druids.

We will need entire class skins for void effects for paladin, and likewise void elf druids will require nightmare druid spell effects.

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As someone who would probly never play a panda. The celestial druid forms seem too sick to pass up. Hope they happen some day

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I’m still confused as why Goblins and Worgens can’t be Monks :thinking:

Yet by Blizzards logic, it’s ok with Dogs (Worgens) turning into cats makes sense?

(Note: I’m not aiming anything at you Cur nor your choice of race as I have no problems with Worgen Druids turning into cats)

Starting zone incongruity. Both zones take place during the Cataclysm.

One of the best changes was when my druid didn’t need to be a catdog anymore and I could use a different cat form. I’m sure in hindsight they wish they had a wolf “cat,” now “feral,” form.

Perfect list. Definitely would race change my demon Hunter to Zandalari and I would love a panda druid

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Worgen Monk

Goblin Monk

Night elf paladin

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OP, you do know that both Hazzikostas and Holinka have mentioned they wish to open up all classes to races, some will take more time to make.

There are MULTIPLE sources that mention this. MMO-Champion, WoWhead, various Reddit posts in the r/wow subreddit…

When did Vol’jin become the frigging loa of kings? THAT’S KIND OF A BIG DEAL.

Well… I guess I’m jumping the gun.

Rezan blessed Volj’in with his power, basically sacrificing himself so that Volj’in could help his people. Then the Winter Queen offers him a chance to be reborn.

So everyone is assuming that means he becomes the Loa of Kings.

This is the perfect opportunity for the joke of a Pandaren going bear form and just attacking as themselves but tankier…


Paladin lore does not support void paladins.

If you want a void knight or “dark knight” ask for a new class.

I am ok with this.

Meh on this, it waters down the discipline part of the class though.


I guess this could work, celestial is loa or wild gods no?



I want:

  • Worgen Demon Hunters
  • Kul Tiran Demon Hunters
  • Worgen Monk
  • Gnome Paladin
  • Gnome Demon Hunter
  • Undead Paladins

But I’ve said it before, I want to see Undead get all Race models (not racials) because the forsaken have messed with every race by now.

Tauren Demon Hunters please.