More people quitting due to no dual spec

If you actually believe the players on this forum have moderator powers, I don’t think there’s much value in trying to convince you otherwise. Good luck.

You lie, it’s nothing new, people have pointed it out before. You’re the person who decided to claim your posts were just common sense and you’re the one who followed it up by claimed autistic people lack common sense. I can find your post if you want to continue lying about it. Keep lying if you want but not only did you insult those who disagree with you you insulted autistic people. Something that outrageous is gonna follow you around for a while.

I don’t.

Passing your behaviour off as mine and otherwise gaslighting doesn’t make it true.

My claim about autism was last night and you’re taking it out of context. I didn’t accuse or imply anyone here was on the spectrum. I made the claim that people on the spectrum have difficulty making inferences - as an example of how debilitating that can be.

To demonstrate that the ability to make inferences is fundamental to fluid discussion.

I think you and your pals are struggling to make inferences - on purpose as a debating tactic and not as a condition. You do it on purpose to be asinine and obfuscate various valid points. To sabotage constructive discussion. It’s a tactic - along with misquoting misrepresenting and passing off your own behaviour as that of your opponents.

But to you guys any old comment can be taken out of context and turned into something horrible. And you call me a liar. You’re whole argument against my position is simply personal attacks and attempt to misrepresent what I’ve said in order to discredit me. You basically routinely do all the things you’re accusing me of doing.

You can’t handle people not agreeing with your demands and petitions so you attack them and misconstrue what they’ve said. Not just me - anyone who stands up to you, and your bully tactics. There’s three of you in particular behaving this way. It’s petty and childish and very selfish and I definitely wish these forums were more actively monitored and moderated.

Classic is all I am playing. Its all I have been playing since Classic went live.
If I wasnt playing Classic. I wouldnt be subbed at all. If I hated classic, I
would not be subbed. But I do like the option of what version of WoW I
want to play by paying only one sub fee.

Me? You’re the one who decided to bring autism into a discussion on dual spec. Can’t understand why except to insult people. I’m just reminding you of what you said. But at least you’ve edited your post to admit you made the claim about autism. Most likely out of fear that I’d actually take the time to find your comment and repost it here.

He does, as I pointed out in another thread, but I’ll post it here too:

Yes you - you are the one taking it completely out of context and using it as a debating prop. You’re the one not addressing the actual point but rather pitching an asinine point about an out of context comment for no other purpose than to throw mud at your opponent.

How you think me simply using the term autism is offensive but then think it’s perfectly fine to throw it at me as an insult - “you must be autistic” is beyond me. That level of double standards is what I am calling out as cognitive dissonance.

Here, explain this then.

https ://

Why was this deleted? It was clearly just mass reported then deleted automatically.

Lol at the forums not allowing some pictures

And another one

https ://

“Offensive” lol

I did address your actual point, I pointed out that everyone without a rational or convincing argument claims their opinion is just common sense to avoid the need to defend it. You decided to reply by claiming that autistic people lack common sense and the ability to understand inference. I get that you would like to run as fast and as far away from that insult as you can but I’m not the one who brought up the “core issue” for people on the autism spectrum, in a thread on dual spec. I’m just reminding you of what you so much would like to forget you posted

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This is immensely true. I particularly just like proposing the opposite statement and citing conventional wisdom.

No argument in the history of debate was ever won because one side cite “common sense.” No academic paper ever submitted in the history of essays was given an A+ because it cited “common sense.”

My point was that you are making the request - not me. I’m not making a proposition - you are. I think your proposition is not a common-sense one so I am demanding evidence from you.

You seem to think that if you believe in unicorns its on me to disprove it.

It’s on you to present and argue why your change is necessary. I have nothing to defend - I simply don’t want the change you’re demanding and don’t see why it’s necessary.

What I am claiming as common sense is the idea that the least amount of change required to solve the problem is the better approach. Is that not a common sense position? Or is a peer reviewed study required to make such a claim? If we can’t make basic claims that we can assume are a given then we can’t have a constructive discussion can we?

It’s you who are being evasive in not accepting basic points of fact. You don’t accept the principles of the burden of proof, you refuse to acknowledge Ockham’s razor. At every step you move the goal posts.

You’re lying again. At no point in the discussion when you decided to claim autistic people lack common sense and the ability to understand inference did you ever make the claim that the least amount of change required to solve the problem is the better approach. That was simply not a part of the discussion at all. I have the thread up in another tab right now and I checked. You’re embarrassed by your claims about autistic people and you’re trying to run away from it in any way you can. So you’re moving to some other claim you may have made at some other time to avoid the issue. Lying is pretty much your modus operandi so no surprise there.

You use that term a lot - ironic for someone engaged in complete misrepresentation of my comments. I’m not lying at all. I have not lied once. Again the only way you can counter my position is to a “play the man”.

If you spent as much time defending your proposition as you do on throwing mud at opponents you may actually get some people agreeing with you.

The onus is on you to show why dual spec if needed.

My opinion is that until you can do that I will have the view that the less impactful change of reducing respec costs is enough to resolve the core issue.

Throw mud all you like - it just shows you lack class and have no basis for your position.

Then quote the sentence in our discussion where you said, “what I am claiming is common sense is the idea that the least amount of change required to solve the problem is the better approach,” or any thing close to that. You may have said it somewhere at some time but not in the post where you claimed autistic people can’t understand inferences or have common sense. Our dialog was only a couple of posts long so it shouldn’t take you long to find it. If you can’t you should admit you lied.

It’s already been explained in detail by many people dozens of times. You may disagree with the reasoning but to claim it hasn’t been done shows a lack of reading comprehension, or you’re lying again.

So do I. I use it because it’s appropriate. Like calling fire hot.

I’ve already asked him to quote where my “deception” was too.

He still has yet to quote my “deception”. :grin:

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Wait, are you saying that listening to idiots that can’t see how stupid their ideas are is a bad idea? Who would have known!

It’s why I don’t listen to you. :wink: