More Classic Beta invitations?

Hello everyone!

Hope - is a very strong feeling. One may argue it is a super good feeling that motivates people to do things.

It is clear that everyone and their mother wants more beta keys.
Even the people who already have been playing beta accept the fact that the realms need more people.

We could all see during the stress tests and by watching others playing beta - that the game is ready. It is not polished, but it is super smooth and the amount of bugs that affect the experience is close to non-existent.

Obviously, a bunch of streamers got invitations before the majority of the OG players - as stated earlier, the game is ready, and the company’s goal right now is to show how cool it is - by giving it to the streamers to promote the game and generate hype.

That being said - have you guys heard any news regarding the next wave of beta invitations? Blue posts or speculations? Just want to know if there is still hope out there.

Thank you and have a nice day!


It doesn’t matter what people want. However, if the beta really is losing testers then maybe there needs to be invites. The important thing is that bugs are found, reported, and FIXED.

This isn’t about being in the beta, it’s about having the best possible Classic launch.


No maybes, certainly it does need more invites. I am just curious about the reasons why won’t they send more. Again, that’s not because people who didn’t get the beta want it (everyone obviously does), but because people who GOT the beta are saying, that the servers are not populated enough…

They might legit be worried about people burning out. Beta invites aren’t for playing Classic early. Although if the level cap is 30… meh burnout can still be a thing.

They want to keep the hype alive I guess.


That is a legit concern. However, I don’t see how it would change things, if the 00,1% of players who got the beta will all burn out. Change it to 0,1% (10 times more invitations), and it won’t make a difference. And people who stream wow - they won’t burn out for sure.
Because their audience has increased dramatically during the beta test - it is their bread and money now. Plus it is super fun!

i wouldnt burn out on beta; i would go through 100000s of BGs just to attempt to find some bug or difference or exploit that may be game breaking on every class just to get info; youre right this isnt about playing early but if theyre assuming that a majority of us are more interested in just playing rather than helping them then theyre wrong. But youre also right that burn out is a fear of theirs.


Did they legit say something about the burn out, or is it just a guess? Because i think they would prioritize the server’s capabilities and good performance, so that the streamers could say how good the game is. And if there are more players = more lags & bugs, and it would ruin experience for them, therefore bad image.

I don’t know, just my thoughts on why. Don’t see other reasons being above this one.

they havent said that theyre worried per say but it is a legitimate issue with how the modern game plays; some people who get in wont want to relevel or do all that work again so they wont play classic; or they will get their fill of it over the next 3 months and wont play. I could see your reason being the major reason initially but streamers are saying its really quiet and they either need to reduce the layers so they can feel like theres more people or they need to let more in.

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Exactly what I was saying - people from the inside the beta are saying there’s simply not enough people to do fun stuff! :unamused:

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I am thinking that burnout might be less of a factor when classic goes live. Having classic be its own standalone means we arent forced to hurry through the content to avoid your gear/progress being irrelevent in a couple of months. Speed running through levels is going to be a really poopy classic experience for anyone that attempts it. Enjoy the journey peoples your accomplishments arent going anywhere.


I would pay to be in Beta. I’ve wanted Classic WoW since TBC. So close I can taste it.


Yea, unless i had a close knit group of friends playing, like the streamers are doing, i wouldnt even lvl to 30 for fear of burnout. Like in legion and bfa beta i only got on the max lvl server and dueled classes, didnt do anything on the lvling side for fear of burnout

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This is the only thing you can go off.


TFW… you had to transfer your characters off of an original account (remember the old account names?) before these “WoW1” “WoW2” things happened.

Yeah feels bad man. Although I still have early achievements so who knows, that might count?! :sob:

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Still got em, yeah.


Just resubbed for beta

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There needs more beta invites…


Relax we still got a few months of testing left cross fingers. I’ve been playing since 04 and haven’t gotten an invite (I derped and didn’t check in the classic box for the opt in ahead of time). From what I’ve seen from my stress test invite though and from the streams this is going to well worth the wait for us all.

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Thank you for linking that.
I think I’ve read this blue post before, but I guessed that there were more info.

“We look at a variety of factors” - means, they select it manually, most likely. I wonder how big of a streamer should one be, maybe I can qualify.