MoP Remix missed opportunity?

I am told that the old MoP Scenario mogs that were removed in WoD aren’t even available in remix. Seems like a missed opportunity to bring something back after a very long time. I was looking forward to the Legion lock classhall set recolor from MoP with the blackwings that came out of the helmet as I didn’t get to play MoP when this first came around.

I did manage to loot some opals for jewelcrafting though I’m not sure why since there are no professions and I couldn’t even scrap it in sands.

What other missed opportunities from MoP did remix fall short on?

If the legendary cloak, and all that story wrathion told wasn’t added back so folks that weren’t there could experience it and get those mogs… what’s the point?

Not having the landfall campaign again is meh.

I think that not adding removed questlines and such back was pretty stupid but I am having fun regardless.

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Saying it fell short? On day two?

This post arrived too early.

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Bless you, General Discussion. Always good for a chuckle.

Are the cloak transmogs for the upgradable cloak not the same as the Wrathion ones? I was under the impression that they were.

And why would Landfall be removed? It’s ok the Campaign tracker in the quest log (I’m still in Jade Forest, so I don’t know for sure).

They did remove the Wrathion quest line, which is lame.

But the point is to have some fun in Pandaria and unlock a bunch of new stuff. It’s not so much about the old stuff.

That’s the modern Rule of WoW! If it’s not flawless on day 1 it’s trash :dracthyr_nod:

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Even if it is flawless, it’s trash. Unless it’s Dark Souls. LOL

(I don’t feel this way, just how it seems.)

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My only real complaint is not being able to destroy all of the tinker/cog items that I’m never going to use for Bronze.

I am pretty sure you can just buy that set in retail…

They are. Getting the last infinite potential achievement also unlocks toys that give the legendary cloak visual effects for 8 hours.

Well crap, I want that…
See what you did…
Now I gotta go do the thing…
Thanks a lot… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Most of what Landfall was is not present in the game anymore nor will be in the remix.

Specially the events involving Garrosh and Varian.

When was the last time anything in WoW was flawless?

You do know there is a MoP remix forum to post stuff like this right…

… that’s the entire point, yes.


This was never Classic. It was always a version of Chromie Time. And you can get the cloak appearances. You can also then get access to Ordos.

I don’t know what these are.

Are you talking about challenge modes?

Yeah, the Betrayer Regalia
You got it!