MoP CM sets and Legion Mage Tower appearances should be in the trading post- but with a costly catch

Ok so let’s start by addressing the elephant in the room- whether or not you’re in the camp of gatekeeping exclusive polygons or not to maintain their prestige, reality is hitting hard when I say it’s been a literal decade since the MoP sets came out and 6 years since Legion. Coming from someone who has a few of those sets/weapons and believes the “value” factor is still important, a system like this would open the door to new and old players alike while still preserving scarcity by making it very challenging to obtain.

Much like how the original “You had to be there to get it” Naxxramas sets eventually found their way to the Black Market Auction House, everyone’s fears were quelled when they realized that getting each individual piece costs a fortune, appear very infrequently for your class, and pit you against other players to obtain them. Those who were worried that their “I was there” prestige would go away found their sense of accomplishment tightly secured while still allowing the chance for others to get the sets.

The reason I suggest the Challenge sets and Mage Tower weapons for the trading post instead is for a few reasons:

  1. Trading post is keeping the game and the world alive, and that’s obviously a very good thing
  2. For the CM sets, having each piece appear at a max of 1 per month at random (specific to your class) at a cost of 2000 tokens puts the minimum required time to collect the entire thing at 8 months. That’s 8 months if the player buys nothing else AND caps out their tokens every single month. There will be a staggering amount of people that give up after the first 1 or 2 months. Guaranteed.
  3. For the weapon appearances, same thing. They would appear at random, specific to your class (not spec) and only appear as certain colours, valued at 2k each. Same logic applies to this as my previous point
  4. You will get some months where on top of getting some really cool item offerings, you may also get a month where you’re offered 1 CM set piece and mage tower appearance at the same time. Now you have to choose. You can only freeze one, remember? The large price tag for those sets or weapons will undoubtedly serve as a giant deterrent for most, and just like how obtaining the Challenge sets and Mage Tower weapons were a grind back then, placing them in the shop will also be an immense grind that most people will likely give up on, preserving said scarcity.
  5. Consider the fact that people won’t always be capped at 2k tokens, because other things will pop up that they’ll want too. Using basic median calculation, an active player who caps out their tokens every month would take a minimum of a 11 months to obtain all 8 CM set pieces + 4 mage tower weapon appearances, would also need perfect luck on all pieces appearing consecutively, and would need to pass up on 11 months worth of other trading post cosmetics. In a more realistic scenario where some months offer 0 new CM/MT pieces, and other months have cooler items the player would prefer, you’d most likely still take between 1.5 - 2.5 years to accrue it all, and that’s if you were dedicated enough to still cap out your tokens every single month.

In Conclusion:
History has proven that just like the Naxx Tier 3 sets being available but still very difficult to obtain, the possibility of getting “rare” items for all doesn’t actually ruin the prestige for those that have it (also they wouldn’t have the literal achievements, so that can always still remain your true flex, just saying). I think it’s important for new and old players alike to feel they can grind or aspire to get something, it becomes a drive to play the game, even if they literally never end up actually getting it. Much like in real life, being told “You’ll never get this” vs. “One day, I could get this” can make a world of difference. A decade is 1/8th of most people’s lives- isn’t that enough time to have your cake and eat it too before finally sharing?

I say all of this as someone with plenty of challenge sets and mage tower appearances already under my belt. I’ve had my fun, had people whisper me mog compliments, and I’ve also had people bummed out when I tell them it’s impossible to get now. And as someone who has seen countless threads on issues like this regarding the CM sets, Mage Tower weapons, and Trading Card Game mounts, I ask you this;

Is this method I’ve suggested not a fair compromise? Or would you rather these items be obtained from a random twitch drop in a year or two that absolutely everyone could get? (coughs in feldrake)


I think that’s perfectly fine.

They are fantastic skins and honestly they shouldn’t come from the mage tower again. Putting them 1 at a time for a high cost on the trading post would be a positive.

I completed most of the skins except healers and they’re cool. Make them obtainable again in some fashion.


No. They should put CM sets from MoP on the TP with a minor cost, just to irritate the people that have them already. As for the MT ones, they bring the MT back occasionally, best to leave those alone. FTR, I neither have nor want either because I simply don’t give a rat’s smelly backside about them.

Semper Fi! :us: :ukraine:


they absolutely should not be in the trading post


Time sensitive means time sensitive. Stop trying to push this nonsense. It’s gone. Let it remain gone.


i would absolutely love to use a recolor of the cloudsong glaive at the very least

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Naw. If they go up on the market, full sets and appearances for 100 Tender. The availability, or lack thereof, was what set them apart. If they’re going to be available again, their meaning is lost entirely. May as well spread them around more if they no longer convey their original meaning.

So you’ve chosen anarchy… :face_with_monocle:

Sounds more than reasonable


Why not? Even Mythic World First kills that get mounts, the mythic gear, etc, are still made available – long after the expansion is no longer current.

I don’t see how MoP stuff should be treated differently.

Then again, I don’t really understand player’s and their “prestige” and need to feel special in online games.


Not exactly though. Naxxramas’s original version was available through TBC, the next expansion when people out-leveled the content. You didn’t have to be there when Naxxramas was current content to get the tier 3 sets.

Naxxramas also involved a lot more RNG. MoP challenge modes and Legion mage tower were built around guaranteed rewards for clearing the content at the level needed. Naxxramas you were rolling against X many other players on a random drop, so many people who were there, and cleared the content, still didn’t get those full sets.

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I wish a trainee would make some kind of mistake and add Violet Pandaren Phoenix to my collection.


sure, why not. i do want them to come back, personally, but it would really make it sweet to see the “BuT i WoRkEd FoR ThEM ANd NoW PeOpLE CaN JuST BuY IT” rage


90% of those who “earned” them probably retired in the last decade.

Most look like junk to me, but I want the Pally one. Gotta look like im from the anime Bubblegum Crisis.


the challenge mode gear, yeah probably. the mage tower weapons, not so much. they all stick around just so they can argue against the skins coming back because nobody else should get them unless they suffer like those people did (and by suffering they mean they ran antorus LFR for some gear and then beat it in 4 tries right before BfA)


Would love these, change the colors and call it good.

I’m not holding my breath though.

I say let people enjoy their “unique” rewards for an expansion or two then let everyone else have access to it.

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Flat out just reenable gold pandaland and OG mage tower

Don’t scare anything, have high levels just blow them up

Who cares, I’ve had mine for many years, someone else getting them easier now won’t hurt


Maybe you wouldn’t be so bitter if you ever tried earning something yourself.

“Semper Fi”

Or just bake up a new batch of cool looking set that people would earn reaching 2600 IO during Dragonflight.

Why keep asking for old stuff when you could get something new.


Because it’s time for them to come back, duh.


Any particular reasons that “now” is the time?