Moonguard is under THREAT, Read this!

Moonguard is the #1 Role playing server on NA realms.

All other RP SERVERS are dying out, or have DIED OUT.

This has MADE my kind THE horde very ANGRY and the Alliance.

Guilds from other RP realms WILL be coming to Moonguard to DISRUPT, to camp, and annihilate Alliance/Horde on Moonguard.

Your CITIES are no longer SAFE.

Which two server are the MOST salty?
Wyrmrest Accord
Emerald dream

Players from THESE realms are MAD that people LEFT to join MOONGUARD, now they want to KILL, disrupt and camp, especially the arrogant Alliance on Moonguard.



Sounds fake.


What’s the terror alert chart color at? I won’t be worried unless the dial is red!


Even the pserver RP scenes are fairly dry these days. Nothing to be done about it, I surmise.

Also no idea what you’re on about. Just turn off warmode. The ignore button’s right there. Problem solved. Gank servers were removed from the game years ago.


Moonguard stormwind was gettiing CAMPED yesterday by WyrmrestAccord Horde…

NOT fake.

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Frankly, you don’t speak for the Horde community on MG or any other server as a whole - no one does. PVP happens in the game all the time, so what? Remain unflagged while your in your capital city and rp on. That is not an indication of anything you claim.

PVP in Capital cities happens all the time - it use to happen far more often when killing faction bosses was more popular for the mount achievement. Now that most folks have it, they are less common.

This post is just inflammatory and grasping at straws to cause division and spread ill will.


We will SEE.

What you WILL find inflammatory is when these OFF realmers are sitting, and disrupting RP events in capital CITIES, warmode off does not HELP in Orgrimmar or Stormwind.

Dont SAY zapey didnt WARN you.

Naw, don’t care. PVP in capital cities use to happen daily all the time when faction boss farming was far more common. We rped and carried on just fine even back in the days of sometimes 2+ raids coming through capital cities at a time to do achievements. Stay unflagged, go about your business and have fun.


You won’t have Zapey to kick around any more, because he’s going to just turn off warmode and calm the hell down I hope.


Threatcon-troll …

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HEY op IS your caps LOCK KEY broken? The use OF all CAPS SEEMS kinda ranDOM.


One guild that was there for maybe 30 mins tops.

There was once a time that an attack from a big enough guild or coalition could shut down a city for an entire day or more back when NPCs didn’t respawn in 60 seconds and you couldn’t opt out except in major cities. My guess is you weren’t around then.

Mr. Duskenreaver


Look who dropped BY.

Mr. Sunspirall-Wyrmrest Accord same guild that was ATTACKING moonguard stormwind?

May this little ZAPEY ask what you were doing, cant find wpvp on your own SERVER?

Why come to Moonguard with your Wyrmrestaccord guild Moonguard to camp stormwind?
State your Intention.

Imagine being this bored.


Zapey is right! I’ve infiltrated several guilds on other servers. They plan to replace us with… lizard people. I don’t know how or when, but somehow before the year is up Moon Guard is going to be full of lizard people alts, destroying RP everywhere with their scales and lizardly ways. I…don’t know how high up this goes, but this cabal seems confident there will be lizard people everywhere. The end of Moon Guard has already been written!!!


As of late i have been seeing groups of Alliance composed of multiple servers attacking WrA Orgrimmar Valley of Honor, so I don’t think that there is any weight to your claim that it is Moonguard being targeted by angry Roleplayers.

I think it is just communities coming together to have some fun in their own way. They aren’t spamming AoE or disruptive toys, not camping quest givers or the auction houses, and not flooding the Say or yell chats with out of character spam. Honestly it is somewhat endearing to see people of many servers gathering on their own for an activity.


We will doom them in Lion’s pride… first we lure them in… then they never escape!

Yeah, we’re definitely seeing an uptick in posting on 4chat by Proud Orcs and Death Keepers members. :roll_eyes:


Makes me all nostalgic for the days of Dreamkinf.

Opie, lighten up on the caffeine and drop war mode if you are so disturbed by le pee vee pee.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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This feels like someone asked a an ai to generate a 4chan greentext about Moon Guard.