Monk in TWW

you guys are cooked btw.

Crashing Momentum - Targets you Roll through are snared by 40% for 5 sec.

Wind’s Reach - The range of Disable is increased by 5 yds. The duration of Crashing Momentum is increased by 3 sec and its snare now reduces movement speed by an additional 20%.

Swift Art - Roll removes a snare effect once every 30 sec.

Celestial Determination - While your celestial is active, you cannot be slowed below 90% normal movement speed.

Lighter Than Air - Roll causes you to become lighter than air, allowing you to double jump to dash forward a short distance once within 5 sec.\

Transcendence: Linked Spirits - Transcendence now tethers your spirit onto an ally for 1 hour. Use Transcendence: Transfer to teleport to your ally’s location.

Rushing Reflexes - Your heightened reflexes allow you to react swiftly to the presence of enemies, causing you to quickly lunge to the nearest enemy in front of you within 10 yards after you Roll.

Alpha talents lol

Call me when ignite weapon finally goes live

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they needed to rework ww for season 4 so i could abuse it like ret in s1, aug in s2, dh in s3.

now these changes are going to be nerfed before a season is ever active smh :sleepy:

You’re laughing now, but wait until casters get reworked to account for all these melee mobility buffs


One charge of blink and warlock portal logs you out.

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you won’t use whatever they give you

The tree looks great but honestly think they went too hard on the mobility options. An extra dash after roll and clash, bit much.

Edit: didn’t see that they actually removed skyreach, kind of a big deal.

skyreach gone WW is dead 0 mobility


do we get every hero talent in the selection we choose? or can we only go down like one path of the hero talents anyone know

pretty sure we get every single hero talent (obv only one of the two on choice nodes)

jit we still have it per wowhead talent calculator and the alpha

here’s what im cooking up but this is only if conduit is good. if conduit bad could be a completely different angle

whirling dragon punch + the talent that gives us 4 stacks of blackout kick with it is going to be cracked im p sure

edit: actually im not cooking with this, im going back to the drawing board. i want all the rsk talents + wdp talents + +sowtl + faeline stomp i think but idk if thats possible

Is brew playable again yet

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WW is going to be busted as it is.

Brew not so much.



idk how but brew is just so much worse this season, actually unplayable. if kids pass me idk if im getting back up.

but i havent evne looked at the brew stuff, im sure we’ll make it happen

Truly, especially with how overturned the popular caster specs are. :sob:

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That’s skytouch, the talent they added that doesn’t have the charge effect. They removed skyreach, the one with the charge.

Feel like we say this every single expansion and the majority of problematic stuff still goes through. Then it’s sort of balanced after ruining the first season for the first 2 months.

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I dispute the word majority here

Requires Monk
Tiger Palm now has a 10 yard range.

Tiger Palm also applies an effect which increases your critical strike chance by 50% for 6 sec on the target. This effect Cannot be applied more than once every 1 min per target.

Lmao okay fine, enough garbage gets put through that it ruins the first 2 months of the season. If people don’t speak up early then it doesn’t end up on their radar.