Momentum is still a cringe playstyle

You know the guy who puts straight pipes on his v6 Camaro and wakes up the entire neighborhood to go 0-30 in 12 seconds? That’s momentum. You know the Ram HD with a cheap lift kit and truck nuts? That’s momentum.

Momentum is a cringe playstyle and it doesn’t even do good damage. Just delete it and put havoc back to a place that’s actually enjoyable and interesting to play. At the very least give us an option to not choose the Crazy Town of DPS talents.


I disagree, but aces on the analogy. :smile:


I don’t know if cringe is the correct description, I hate it though. Throwing my glaive also feels rather bad without Fel Bombardment, just not having fun anymore on Havoc since DF.


Straight Piping a V6 Camaro isn’t actually benefitting it all. Which is what Momentum does, provides 8% damage, which in most of abilities is like 1k damage, and thats being generous

No thats called returning it because once you buy you instantly overcompensate for something that is too small to begin with.

lmao hi clawg

good to see you still grinding the wheel

Soft hands brother

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LOL Pure gold, your not wrong. and its even worse when you dip essence break into the mix.

your missing the point, its a half assed buff that we stack with other buffs in windows too give the illusion that we are impressive and do big dam when reality, we are just a crappy v6


This guy, 100% tried to change his spark plugs in a diesel eng.

We call these people degenerates for thinking American sports cars are cool.

And these guys are the degenerates that think beating thier wife is a good thing.

How does it give illusion when it actually does the damage youre seeing when you actually combo correctly?

DH mobility is clunky. It literally takes away from your own damage with the excuse it deals damage. Moving away means you don’t auto atk, you miss Immo thicks, you don’t generate fury, it costs a global.

And Momentum doesn’t even make sense. Why even bother with a buff that adds X% damage when you can simply dump it onto Fel Rush itself? All this talent does is add more ANXIETY!


I don’t understand how your racist tropes are a good analogy for DH just because you do not like the playstyle.

because its unfun and a majority of players do not enjoy it. options that are comparable should be viable. period

just one warrior

Maybe I will get hate for this, but you don’t really miss much auto attack if not any for fel rush when you have chaos strike up. In less than a sec you are back on your target. I seldom use the hunt though as I think fel retreat moves me further back.

Edited: Though I am one of the odd balls here because I finally got the hang of the rotation, it’s not bad. I still make mistakes, but it all clicked for me after devoting more time into the class. I am a big fan of Illidan, made this class as soon as it dropped and never took it seriously until 10.2. Now I love it but need more demon form to me. I am always on here looking for people’s idea’s so sorry for calling this out.

Dude loves to live in a fantasy

Love the metaphor LOL

I personally really like the momentum playstyle, but I agree that we should also have a viable choice that doesn’t involve momentum.

Maybe that can be our third spec…we can have a tank spec, a momentum spec, and a demonic spec.

But we’re not evokers, so that probably wouldn’t happen :dracthyr_shrug:


I dont like the spec l, but have seen 400k+ burst in an aoe pack. If that isnt good dps then I dont know what is.

ya i stopped building what the guides tell me to build because sims tell them to build. i put together a talent spec i enjoy playing and if that’s not good enough for the min/maxers, tough noogies. i have fun and that’s all that matters.

o it also does decent damage, sometimes topping meters, so…

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I mean youre not doing any content where min maxxing should matter. Playing to have fun should always take priority at the end of it all.

Just because sims present something with higher dps also doesnt take in account the fact how realistic it is to replicate the dps sims are putting out.

Either way, just play what you enjoy. Its more than viable for what youre doing.

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