Mods, PLEASE put the word MODERN in front of General Discussion

It doesn’t specify that these forums are for retail only, and that’s honestly something you can’t move past, sorry.

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Because scrolling down one extra post is just too exhausting? Lighten up…it’s a forum about a video game. You’re the one creating your own punishment by going into each Classic thread and commenting about how angry you get at seeing them.

I’d prefer they had two clearly defined forums too, but I’d rather put my energy into something productive…like dissecting someone’s spelling or run-on sentences lol.

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I’m not against either version of the game, although I spend a lot more time on retail. My only issue with this thread is that players don’t care about the spam threads that are posted in GD that belong in the Lore section, the Off-Topic section, the Guide section, and the Gameplay section.

if we’re going to get mad about something that doesn’t belong somewhere then lets also get mad about all the other stuff that doesn’t belong there.

They aren’t raging about that stuff because it doesn’t fit their rage narrative.

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lol… Classic is taking over, little one.

If you’d rather they had two defined forums (they do) Classic has its own forums. Then whats wrong with asking to enforce it? I can’t see anything wrong with that.


Because players aren’t interested in them enforcing anything else, only the Classic threads.

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Maybe it’s because the classic threads are getting a bit flamey, toxic, and in general spammy if nothing else.

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So you mean half of the threads in GD, right? lol

There are certain threads.

Marry/divorce. Off topic but harmless.

Sunday posts, a bit of trolling but generally harmless.

Rastlin threads. Annoying but harmless. Mortis threads, also harmless.

Then comes the classic threads. RETAIL IS DEAD, How do you feel retail scrubs? Wall of No! god, the bashing goes on and on and eventually you just say No more. So you should be able to decipher on your own that this is an issue solved by classic players keeping it in Classic.

The other Off topic posts arent trying to incite animosity generally. These ones are cus they know it’s a quick trigger.

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Doesn’t belong in GD.


I’m just a simple man who doesn’t have selective anger. When something is right it’s right and when it’s wrong it’s wrong. I don’t use only a small fraction of something when it fits my narrative. I think this may be a rare trait with people anymore though.

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Hey if they wanna get rid of the rest too, fine. Your attempt to make a point is failing though. I’m more than happy to see them go as well. Things aren’t an issue until it becomes an issue. And people using vitriol and venomous remarks to shout down people who enjoy retail is causing problems. And it doesn’t end in these forums, its traveled to reddit. The people have spoken. We want them gone.

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People do protest them and try to redirect them, when it gets a little all-pervasive here.

When GD is getting all cluttered up with a lot of spam topics that should really be in off-topic, threads get reported and moved and other threads are made complaining about too much spam.

Sorry if that doesn’t quite fit your narrative about pure Classic rage and only Classic rage, but that isn’t accurate at all.


It’s only a failing point to you because you choose to get triggered only on certain things while giving others a pass. I believe in being as equal as fair about things in life as I can.

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I can’t help it if the player making an absurd claim why they divorced another doesn’t bug me but im all about following the rules. As i said. So me being triggered is a moot point. Cus i don’t give others a pass. So what are you even saying then?

That’s what the majority of GD is, perhaps you should take a look. Disregard the Classic threads then take a peek at the rest of the threads that don’t belong here that you choose to not get upset about.

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I mean, people could be getting ornery about everything and anything, but most choose to put energy into one fight at a time.

If Classic threads ever do slow down in here, someone will be complaining about the off-topic in their next forum battle.

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This thread makes me miss the downvote button.

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Which they should, we should be complaining about those threads right now. The argument should be about all topics that don’t belong in certain sections, not just ones that trigger certain people.

It’s funny how the same people that cry about wanting everything “fair” in the game don’t want “fair” when it comes to the forum. I’m not saying you, I’m saying numerous posters in this thread though. :slight_smile:

The names of the forums line up with what you see in the App. We know it may take people a little getting used to and a lot of people are just settling into WoW Classic, but we will continue to moderate and move Classic discussions to their appropriate forum ( but understand that it can be challenging when people are comparing one to the other.