Model update discussion

Yeah, gotta agree here. KTs could really do with a lot more hair and face shape options as well as body type options like the Dracthyr got.

A more muscular, slimmer female option more like the Vrykul would be amazing, give me a proper muscle mama blizz! And the skinny male, it’s been in the game forever, just let us have it.

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Faces that need to be updated by order of importance/urgency:

  1. Male Nightborne
  2. Male Night Elf
  3. Male Human
  4. Male Kul’tiran
  5. Female Gnome
  6. Male Gnome
  7. Female Kul’tiran
  8. Female Nightborne
  9. Female Nightborne
  10. Male Dracthyr Visage
  11. Female Dracthyr Visage
  12. Female Night Elf
  13. Female Human

honestly, the only character models that’re alright, are Orcs, Trolls and Forsaken. every thing else is just godawful in all sorts of ways. Tauren, Dwarves, Murlocs, Gnolls…they look like they were taken right out of Hearthstone. Humans and Night Elves look rough…male gnomes look like they face planted a running belt sander.

i still prefer the older models though.

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I leveled both a Kul Tiran priest and Kul Tiran lock recently and their customization options compared to basically any other race are pathetic. Could really use an overhaul, or at the very least a few faces/hairs/hair colors. The stuff they have is extremely basic.


Pandaren, we only have one face to choose from.

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Nah, just give us booba slider already!

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Everything before Legion.

Vanilla Dragons, draconid etc.

Tauren shaman totems

Same model since 2004

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Nightborne need quite a bit of work. Ideally the model should be much more unique and not just a Night Elf copy.

It would be so great if they just got their own dance!


Sure. A lot of them were updated 13 years ago.

Older than the oldest playable race model in the game right now.

I wish our race mounts didn’t look so freaking ugly. The allied races got lucky with their fancier detailed not blocky mounts

Goblin males. Not necessarily a facelift, so much as a reversal. The disneyfied version from…was it SL or BfA? anyway, they all look the same and way too cutesy. I had one that looked like a shady greaseball. Meh.

Why stop at unique dances?

The Nightborne are a heavily magic-oriented race - we need unique casting animations, too!


draenei females need to get their face redone. give them elf faces.

portraits of fruit

Honestly ,humans look fine compare to the way they us to and don’t get me started on Wod when they first started,gg. If humans are related to throgs please,just tell us so.

Just saying the Forsaken community has been asking for an upright option since alpha: Upright Forsaken Models - Overdue Character Customization ✓

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The Zeppelins and Boats.

I’d say Kul Tiran humans are the most awful thing we have in game right now.

But some other races need a few improvements… You see, the “updated” models we got were created trying to preserve the “essence” of the old models, that’s why humans run like they have diapers, or why Night Elf proportions look odd (resulting in odd looking Nightborne too)

We need remodels from the ground up. Not just some 4K texture.