Mobs storing melee hits

I can see this hasn’t been resolved? I just got smashed while soloing lbrs mobs when an axe thrower meleed me then started throwing axes then was able to melee me again after awhile hitting me with 5 hits in the same batch. I got hit for 1400 which was enough to kill me when I should of at most been hit by a 450crit.

At this rate I’m starting to think classic devs are a mythological fable that don’t actually exist.

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Not broken, won’t get fixed because it’s not broken.


Okay, and based on what you say they are not buggy? Do you work at Blizzard? A mob attacking 5 times at once just doesn’t seem like a “normal” thing, it may not be a bug, it may be a connection problem or others, but it doesn’t seem normal at all.

Just because you have no concept of how the mechanic works doesn’t mean something is wrong.

Exactly for this you have no concept too, so don’t say it’s working fine.


Might wanna assume all mobs have some sort of Windfury ability when they never once had that in vanilla. Its the spell batching the server has it either delays or storms in all at once

Except I obviously do and Delimicus was kind enough to post it when I was going to force you to learn how to search for it.

It’s so easy to say “Some mobs have a thrash ability and can store attacks.” As a blanket we don’t care. Funny how these mobs never ‘Thrash’ in normal melee combat. Same goes for many other mobs with no thrash ability, this is very noticable to hunters as we often kite mobs allowing them to store up attacks that are unleashed once in melee range.

Funny how these mobs never ‘Thrash’ in normal melee combat.

Yes they do, because that’s how they hit you and the mechanic is triggered from kiting them instead of letting them normally melee you.

Just because you don’t understand something doesn’t mean its not working.


Thats not how thrash works fool. Thrash is an ability that sometimes procs extra attacks. They have stated mobs with this ability can store a charge of thrash and hit you with it when they swing after being kited. If the mob doesn’t proc thrash in normal melee combat without kiting, it doesn’t have a thrash ability.

No that is the weapon proc spell Thrash, there is another called Thrash in the Spell ID list. Could of taken three mins to check but you decided to be wrong yet again.

Since you obviously can’t be bothered, open the list. See the NPCs? See the Triggers? There you go that’s three separate triggers outside the original use which is two attacks from the original trigger. Then another possible stored six for a total of eight.



You should probably apologize now.


I’ll give you this: Spell batching IS a mechanic implemented on purpose.

I’ll give OP this: it’s a stupid mechanic and I could live without it.

I think 90% of my deaths in Classic were spell batching oriented. Lots of getting clubbed in the back by melee mobs a long way behind me.

Considering spell batching has existed in every version of the game including the Shadowlands Beta, so no duh genius. That has literally nothing to do with it, you just want to complain about it.

Also just for addition, mobs hitting you from behind at a further distance then they appear to be able to has literally nothing to do with batching. That’s the leeway mechanic. Please try to at least read other threads and research them before spouting nonsense that’s been covered several times.

Who hurt you?

So just because you clearly have no idea what you’re talking about and I mention it, someone allegedly hurt me? Considering you have the inability to basic fact check readily available information I would say the education system hurt you because it clearly failed it’s intended purpose.

Do you want to talk about it? I’m here if you want to talk about it.

I stand corrected they do have a thrash ability. I’ve not seen it proc apart from after being kited or possibly the impact of 1 single proc goes unnoticed. I still think it’s quite buggy how that particular mob stores thrash stacks while casting throw, it must attempt to melee and store thrash even though it is at throwing range. The fact that thrash will stack when the mob is attempting an attack when unable to attack is still a highly strange mechanic to have. It should only be able to thrash when melee attacks are available, instead of getting stacks for attempted swing ticks.

O no so how it works is that if the mob goes to activate the trash mechanic and it fails, it will store it otherwise it won’t be stored and it will just double tap you. This is one of those old style mechanic’s that was removed later in the game because it was no longer needed. Think of the thrash being on a chance on action. Mob goes to auto you, you are to far away then thrash proc’s but you are to far away so it becomes a stored attack. It’s just weird I would agree but it is kind of funny to watch people get thrashed by Firemaw.

The main reason was to back then prevent some of the cheesy things we do now but since this is classic and not vanilla it doesn’t matter because you can still play around it the vast majority of the time. For example, back then the original intent was to prevent people from skipping over other mechanics by having a secondary punishment mechanic.

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