Mobs storing melee hits

Ah, I see! “Some monsters have a “Thrash” mechanic and can proc multiple attacks against players in a very short duration.” make sense for me!..

Note: Most of these monsters can also “store” these procs and unleash them all several seconds later. (BUG)… Where in Thrash mecanics mobs are allowed to “store” procs?

“Gives the caster 2 extra attacks.”

I don’t know about you, but can’t see were is saying that this spell could proc! It’s like Spell Batching self dispelling Polymorph! Imao it’s not part of classical mechanics, it’s bugs

TY GOD! a person with conscience talking here! I totally agree… very strange mechanics, store thrash without it says can be stored in skill and do it while thrown… funny!

Storing Thrash proc’s is not a bug its an intended game mechanic which I just verified to Goon.

Your head is so far into your rectum you can’t even think reasonably. It has zero to do with batching, besides even if it did you probably have zero idea what batching actually is because batching exists in retail still.

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It’s exists in RETAIL with 20ms … Classic has 200ms! This is so “good” that Blizzard has been reducing this since BC! Well, batching is a queue in server side that process spells and effects, it serves to control skills and synchronize clients to avoid desync. Make sense that this has 200ms queue in 2000-2002 with computers and internet! NOW, IT’S RIDICULOUS! So, it’s not a “classical experience”, it’s just lazy to fix… btw, I won’t waste any more time with fan boy!

!It’s exists in RETAIL with 20ms


Classic has 200ms!

Wrong again.

Make sense that this has 200ms queue in 2000-2002 with computers and internet!

Factual incorrect

it’s just lazy to fix…

Wrong again

This is definitely a waste of time! Don’t be lazy, man! Search, read the company’s responses to this, other topics in the forum! And if that were as true as you argue, why isn’t there a “blue” just answering here and saying the “Spell Batching” time in classical? It will probably be shameful these days! Last message, I give up on you! Fan boys! Enjoy this bug that you call a game!

This is blizlike vanilla. I watched a video of a hunter soloing princess in mara back in the day on youtube, and the same thing happened to him.

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Ye buddy! I agreed, this is Blizzlike… We cannot say it wont! I just think that they should solve known problems and that they were solved in the retail version. Problems that do not break the mechanics but make them more accurate. For example, let the Wand’s damage “visually” increase with spell power? It obviously doesn’t increase, so why not just fix the interface? If you search this forum there are several topics of this and nothing so far. Is this “classical experience”? You see?