Mobs auto attacking multiple times in less than a second

She uses Thrash, but I only saw that guy get hit 3 times in that video. You can see how much slower she runs there.

In that druid example I was only focusing on the slow princess run speed. I saw a lot of rubber banding on the person’s screen and thought they were lagging, but crap, 1:03 does show a blurry mess of what looks like 5-6 hits

Sometimes ping tests can be unreliable if Blizz has thresholds in place. This is primarily. Due to the low priority nature of pings.

Is the bug just as simple as 2 flurries containing 2 hits each being saved up? So the normal autoattack would be the 5th attack.

Bump, this is still a huge issue.

Ah the old proof trick eh?

juking is not an option with Leeway garbage.

That’s a bingo.

Bumping this. We still need an answer from Blizz. If it is working as intended I would still like an explanation.

any word on this yet? getting killed because of 5-7 instant hits is really annoying me.

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It’s mostlikely this and it’s working as intended.

Not to necro a thread but i wanted to thank you for posting this info. I’ve been having the same issue & appreciate you going into detail how and what is triggering these events. It’s def worse when running with someone so this is vaulable insight.

That’s talking about single target tho. OP is talking about how bad the mob aggro is and getting 1 shot. In 15 years I’ve yet to encounter mobs behaving this way. It’s definitely buggy.

Yeah it’s bugged. Like most reports, Blizzard fundamentally misunderstood what we were reporting and thought we were referring to Princess.

We were referring to every mob in the game, because every one has this mechanic.

Basically their thought process was “they mentioned Princess, and she has a flurry ability. Therefore the 10,000 other mobs with the same issue are working fine.”

Essentially the most half-assed troubleshooting imaginable.

I’ve been thinking the same thing is wrong with mobs. I don’t recall this multi-hit thing at all from when I played Vanilla. Maybe since I was a mage I didn’t feel it, but maybe the mobs just auto-attacked and then on the next swing would thrash. That way it was more natural, probably with a rend/blood animation from the mob.

I’d also edit your post before it’s reported for language.

Maybe the exploited the macro.


But on a serious note. Some mobs will bank their attacks on you and all of them go off at the same time (like a paladin rek bomb) and other times it comes down to server lag. All those things happened but because of lag - nothing happened for 10 secs then they all happened at thre same time.

I just read that /stop attack /startattack bug thread and my mind came instantly back to this post! The problems seem related, with instant attacks being queued and saved, now for both npcs AND players. There’s already been a blue post saying “not a problem it’s on our reference client!” but hopefully this latest discovery changes that

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Noticed the subtle sarcasm i see /salute

For players at least, any attack being qued up is listed, ‘on next attack’.

EG: Thrash Blade
Item Level 53
Binds when picked up

One-Hand Sword

66 - 124 Damage Speed 2.70

(35.19 damage per second)
Durability 90 / 90

Chance on hit: [Grants an extra attack on your next swing.]

Other items like hoj and sword spec cause an instant attack - bringing your swing timer to 0 instantly then resetting it after the attack.

From what i can tell is its doing both an instant attack AND quing it because the players stuck a stop/start attack macro in between the spell batches. Causing not only the proc setting your current swing to 0, but the next swing at 0 + an instant attack (as if it was the same as thrash blade proccing)